TAIWAN NEWS: 何百万の投資をグアムに来る企業

上 4月 23, 2012, で プレスリリース, フィリップCarbullidoは、知事を押して更新して表敬訪問を支払う

交際中は、知事カルボの貿易使節団から台湾の写真です. 最初の写真で, 彼は馬総統に座っている. 第二に、彼はのコピーを市長ハウを提示されています “私たちの目を通してグアムを見て。” Photo Courtesy of Amoretta Carlson, グアム銀行

Calvo establishes and further solidifies economic relations in Taiwan

Governor Calvo returned from a hugely successful trade mission to Taiwan, Republic of China, this weekend. As a result of this mission and months of campaigning for investments, several businesses will be on the ground soon to invest millions in different industries.

Governor Calvo and his delegation held a seminar on investment opportunities and government procurement. 以上 90 people attended the seminar with interests in construction, 観光, 不動産, green energy and the EB 5 Immigrant Investor Visa program.  Governor Calvo and his delegation also met with businesses one on one in an effort to invite them to Guam and further establish an economic relationship.

Several businesses are committed to begin operations in the near future on Guam in the following areas:

  • Solar energy production
  • Green house agriculture technology
  • Restaurants
  • Real estate development
  • Retail services
  • Airlines
  • Construction

Huge emphasis is being placed on large-scale development and affordable housing for future opportunities for foreign investors.  Governor Calvo’s team will continue to work with these companies to assist them along the way in opening their doors locally. This will allow for employment opportunities and diversification within Guam’s business profile.


President Ma

Governor Calvo’s Trade Mission was also highlighted with visits he paid to Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-jeou, Taipei City Mayor Dr. Lung-Bin Hau and the President of the Legislative Yuan, スピーカージンpyng王。台湾の指導者の間で共通のメッセージに続けたいという願望だった, 経済的にも社会的に, 近い米国に自分自身を合わせる. 市長ハウは、台北は、その廃棄物管理に対処する方法についての洞察とグアムに提供することにコミットしている, 農業/水産養殖技術の進歩. 知事カルボと彼の代表団はまた、台湾のアメリカの協会の高官と会った.

さらに, グアム、台湾経済文化局から局長ポール王は台湾の総督カルボの忙しい議題を開発する上で大きな役割を果たし.

局長王は、貿易使節団のための物流やセキュリティの調整でグアム経済開発局と手をつないで働いていた. 外務省の台湾省, 経済省と台湾対外貿易発展協会 (GEDAの等価) また台湾に知事カルボの貿易使節団を作る際に重要な役割を果たしたような成功.



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