COMMUNITY NEWS: 四月 2016 在. 2 on visitor arrivals

論 五月 16, 2016, 在 新聞稿, 由Office通訊

“There’s no surprise the tourism industry continues to break records with another month of visitor arrivals in the books. I commend the Guam Visitors Bureau and the hard working men and women in tourism for a job well done in welcoming our guests and showing off our Håfa Adai spirit in April. They are part […]

GMH Labor & Delivery Project Bill Signed

論 五月 16, 2016, 在 新聞稿, 由Office通訊

Hafa Adai everyone!   I have signed a bill that helps bridge the gap in funding shortfall for the Guam Memorial Hospital Authority Maternal and Child Healthcare Renovation Project. This new law allows us to move forward to the next phase and seek financing assistance to fund the renovation.   在總, there was an […]

COMMUNITY NEWS: Governor taps Lamorena to lead DOC

論 五月 4, 2016, 在 新聞稿, 由Office通訊

Governor Calvo is looking to former senator and Civil Service Commission Director Tony Lamorena to take the helm at the Department of Corrections.   “Tony brings three decades of public administration experience to the Department of Corrections. I am fully confident that he has both the capacity and experience to successfully lead this important government […]

新聞: DOC Director stepping down to focus on senatorial bid

論 五月 3, 2016, 在 新聞稿, 由Office通訊

After about five years at the Department of Corrections, Director Joe San Agustin is stepping down so he can focus on the next phase of his life as a public servant.   “I am grateful for the opportunity that the Governor and Lt. Governor gave me to serve the people of Guam. I learned a […]

COMMUNITY NEWS: Governor signs executive order, names the Guam Museum after former Senator Tony Palomo

論 五月 2, 2016, 在 新聞稿, 由Office通訊

“A statesman, historian, and author, former Senator Tony Palomo did much for his island and to preserve the history of the Chamorro people. Using his own resources, he safely preserved artifacts after Supertyphoon Pongsona damaged the exhibit area in Adelup. 進一步, he was among the professionals who drafted the executive order that started the work […]

FISCAL NEWS: GMHA terminates 8% discount to insurance carriers; potential $245K in increased collections

論 五月 1, 2016, 在 新聞稿, 由Office通訊

“The hospital loses millions in uncollected bills each year. Paying your bills should be the rule and not the exception.  We can’t allow discounts on amounts owed for services provided by our hard working staff.”  – 卡爾沃總督埃迪巴扎   The Guam Memorial Hospital Authority is revoking the 8% discount on payments by insurance carriers to GMHA.   […]

COMMUNITY NEWS: Chief Quipuha Statue replacement starts today

論 四月 29, 2016, 在 新聞稿, 由Office通訊

阿加尼亞, GU – Work to replace the Chief Quipuha (also spelled Kepuha) statue in Hågatña started today. The decades-old statue was rusted with cracks throughout the body and was removed to avoid potentially dangerous situations. When contractors first attempted to remove the statue today, cracks became more pronounced and there was concern that it would […]

新聞: Ken Corp donates $100,000 to FestPac

論 四月 28, 2016, 在 新聞稿, 由Office通訊

P.H.R. Ken Micronesia, 公司. donated $100,000 in support of the 12th Festival of Pacific Arts. “Ken Corp has always been an amazing supporter of our community and a great corporate neighbor,“州長. Eddie Baza Calvo said. “We thank you for your continued support in our island and in the events that will truly help Guam […]