Economic Growth

Our Goal: Help grow small business and entrepreneurship and create more private-sector jobs.

Our Strategy:

⇨ Agriculture and Aquaculture

⇨ Green Economy

⇨ Diversification

⇨ Small business support

⇨ Workforce Development

⇨ Improved Economic Data


Agriculture and Aquaculture

  • $90,000 Aquaculture feasibility study
  • Mobile meat slaughterhouse by next year $466,000 DOI
  • Agriculture Masterplan $375K
  • EDA Department of Agriculture $1.5 million ARP

Green Economy

  • Zero Waste Research to create opportunities for private sector recycling operations
  • Recycling Enterprise Zone
  • GEDA Recycling QC
  • Center for Island Sustainability
  • Circular Economy Marketplace and Innovation Hub at Chamorro Village

Diversification $3.1 million ARP funding Guam Economic Diversification Task Force

  • Silicon Village
  • Trans-shipment
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing Alternative resolution
  • Satellite launching
  • Captive Insurance
  • Guam Trust Law
  • Additive Manufacturing (3D printing)
  • $1 million ARP for Industry Development
  • Goal of a Regulated and Permitted Cannabis Industry by next year

Small Business Support

  • $50 million for Local Employer Assistance Program (LEAP) $25 Million ARP
  • $25 Million local funds
  • 2021 Guam Small Business Pandemic Assistance Grant Program $20 Million ARP
  • $200 thousand QCCC funds for Taking the Leap and Guam State Trade Expansion (STEP) programs
  • $1.9 millionARP funds for farmer’s grants and small business incubator $1.8 million ARP for small business rental assistance

 Workforce Development

  • $3.4 M Department of Labor fed funding of training programs such as GCC boot camps 
  • Investment in Labor Department $987,774 in ARP funding

Improved Economic Data and Analysis

  • $300 thousand DOI funding to automate collection of import data
  • $1.4 million in ARP funding for the Bureau of Statistics and Plans and the Dept. of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics




Our Goal: Lay the foundation for a robust recovery of our tourism industry to produce private sector jobs while expanding participation of local small businesses.

Our Strategy

⇨ New Vision for Tourism

⇨ Investment in Visitor Industry

⇨ Destination Management



  • New Vision for Tourism $390 thousand EDA grant for Tourism Repositioning study Cruise Ship Task Force Project
  • Investment in Tourism GVB investment $20 million ARP First $50 million in Cannabis revenue for Tumon Infrastructure
  • Destination Management Islandwide Beautification Task Force G3 Conservation Corps Airport investment $15 million ARP
  • Hagatna Restoration and Redevelopment Authority $27 thousand ARP
  • Guam Reef-safe Marine Tourism Strategy


Our Goal: Safely reopen our schools, improve online resources for our teachers in the classroom, repair our public schools, invest in UOG and GCC,  expand cultural resources, and create new opportunities for learning.


⇨Education Stabilization Fund

⇨ Open Schools Safely

⇨ Funding for Education agencies

⇨ Learning Centers

⇨ Invest in cultural programs


Arts, Culture and Language Programs $958 thousand
● Student broadcast news at Bishop Baumgartner Memorial and Santa Barbara Catholic Schools
● Classical arts training through the Guam Conservatory of the Arts
● Music equipment for elementary music program
● Interactive children’s museum from the Pacific War Museum Foundation

 Special Education Programs $2.2 million

● Autism through programs spearheaded by Hunterspeaks Organization and Autism Community Together (ACT) of Guam;
● Learning opportunities and curriculum for Guam’s blind and visually impaired children;
● Mentorship and assistive technology for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities: Micronesia Training & Development Institute

Student Social & Emotional Health Programs $3.5 million
● SafeGU Smartphone App which serves as a school safety and crisis line
● CARES Program aimed at helping socially marginalized students and families – Todu Guam Foundation Mayor’s Sports Programs and CIPs $3.2 million
● Youth sports programs run by 14 Mayors
● Facility improvements
● Life readiness training

Academic Activities – $1.7 million
● island wide tutoring program through the Guam Community College
● scholarships for students Asmuyao Community School
● supporting science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education.

Leadership & Community Service Programs $1.5 million
● Mañe’lu’s YOUth Impact project
● Guahan Sustainable Culture’s Little Sprouts Academy
● Humanities Guahan’s Taking Root program

Sports Activities $919,997
● Swimming, basketball, rugby and tennis
● training for student athletes
● Village basketball league for elementary students:Guam Elite Basketball
● Basketball Is Art project
Clutch Guam/Guam National Tennis Federation
● leadership and resiliency training for students
Phoenix Wrestling Club’s Roots and Wings Program

Learning Resources $13.9 million
● PBS University and PBS University Higher Learning
● expanding Guam Public Library services
● publishing a robust inventory of cultural literature
● CHamoru Minecraft by the Kumisión I Fino CHamoru

Open Schools safely
Education Stabilization Funding
$4.8 million for the purchase of 25 new school busses as well as preventative maintenance and operations
$300 thousand for a school bus/student tracking system
$294 thousand to repair and expand school bus shelters
$5 Million fed funds for testing in public and private schools



Funding for Education agencies DOE $397 million in federal funding School repairs $175 million All General Fund allotments released to DOE Guam Commission on Education Certification $145 thousand ARP Simon Sanchez breaking ground next year


Funding for Education agencies GCC Higher Education Emergency Relief $6.2 million $3.7 million in Education Stabilization funding for the expansion of the GCC Student Success Center Old Mangilao health center to be converted to new GCC nursing school University of Guam NO TUITION INCREASE $10.7 million Higher Education Emergency Relief $21 million in USDA financing for a new student center School of engineering $6.5 million USDA financing WERI institute and extension to the school of nursing $8.5M EDA funding $48 thousand ARP funding


New Education Pay Study Learning Centers PBS Guam $525,080 ARP Library $236,779 Institute of Museum and Library Services grant $458,380 ARP Guam Air National Guard Science and Technology Academies Reinforcing Basic Aviation and Space Exploration, STARBASE $1.6 Million DOD funding Over 3 years for STEM programs



ARP investment in Cultural programs Dept of Chamorro Affairs $1,850,730 CAHA $458,240 Chamorro Language Comm $465,412 Cultural heritage repository at UOG $12 million DOD $3.4 million ARP CAHA artists grants $127 thousand NEA funding


Our Goal: A new vision for healthcare with new investment and expansion of health services.


⇨New Hospital

⇨ Medical Campus


⇨ Public Health/ Covid 19 Response

⇨ Guam Behavioral Health &Wellness



New Hospital

Medical Campus: GMH, Public Health Center, Public Health Laboratory, Guam Behavioral Health & Wellness Center, DISID
$263 Million for new medical campus
$1.7 million in DOD funds for masterplan,
$32 million in DOD funds for public health laboratory
$35 million in FY 2022 financing
$ 194.2 million in ARP funding for new GMH

$7.2 million in ARP funding
$6.6 million ARP funding for nurses pay
$722 thousand FCC funding for telehealth

Public Health
$2.3 million federal funds for vaccinations
$491 thousand Modular Lab and Generator room.
Covid 19 Response ARP funding
$31 million for quarantine and isolation facilities
Bereavement grants $850 thousand
Financial transaction charges $6.4 million
Guam Regional Medical City $7.8 million
Testing Clinics $2 million

Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center
$ 5 million in ARP funding
$200 thousand Cares Act SMS system
$678 thousand in DOI funding for Talofofo Cottage Homes
$7.5 million in DOI funding for a New Beginnings building
$500,000 USDA funding for farmers mental health

$3.9 million in ARP funding

Public Safety

Our Goal: Combat crime and the causes of crime & Invest in emergency services


⇨ GPD /Customs/CME
⇨ Rehabilitation
⇨ Emergency Response
⇨ GFD/Dept. Of Military Affairs


$GPD $3.5 million in ARP funding
75 new police officers
34 new police vehicles over the past year
$3.9 M in federal funds for a new Evidence Building
200K CDBG for Eastern substation A/E
$9 million in ARP funding For GPD communication system


$3.5 million ARP
34 new Customs officers
New patrol vehicle CARES Act
$283 thousand National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration funding for
Marine Patrol facility
Chief Medical Examiner
$485 thousand ARP

$2.7 million in ARP funding
1 transport vehicle CARES
$32 thousand for 29 new CCTV cameras for the
Youth Detention Center.
$1.92 Million DOI for DYA facilities
$720 thousand DOI for DYA security upgrades


DOC $3.5 million ARP
16 new corrections officers
2 Prisoner transport vehicles CARES Act
$2 million DOI funding
for facility improvements
$700 thousand in federal funds for Detection and mitigation efforts
Covid DOC, DYA, and GPD lockup
Public Law No. 36-57 financing for new Prison


GFD $3.5 million ARP
35 new firefighters
7 ambulances
Drone program $25 thousand from GEDA and $200,000 CARES act
$1.6 Million CDBG for Sinajana Fire Station

Department of Military Affairs $385,829 ARP


Our Goals: Creation of a circular economy to produce more private sector jobs • Preserve our quality of life by protecting and maintaining a clean environment • Developing a sustainable community that will secure both prosperity and social justice for our people


Guam Solid Waste Authority

⇨ Zero Waste

⇨ Abandoned Vehicle Clean-up

⇨ Enforcement

⇨ Sustainability


Guam Solid Waste Authority
$3 million ARP for operational support
$12 million ARP for capital improvements
Zero Waste
Research to divert waste from the landfill to fuel
Private sector recycling enterprises and extend the life of the landfill

$1.5 million in local funds for:

Abandoned Vehicle Cleanup
Working with the Mayors
DPW derelict buildings
and abandoned lots

Dept. of Agriculture –
$1.7 million ARP
6 new conservation officers
$40 thousand CARES funding for Conservation patrol vehicle and supplies
TOKA App (UOG sea grant) $7K
GEPA $1.6 million ARP

G3 Guam Green Growth
Guam 2050 Sustainability Plan $759 thousand DOI
$75 thousand NOAA funds for coral reef restoration
Territorial Seashore Plan $150 thousand /NOAA and local funds
GRTA – 16 electric buses and vehicles
$400 thousand in GRTA funds for the development of Guam Electrification Plan for Electric Vehicles
$6 million in FEMA funding for climate change resiliency


Our Goal: Invest in infrastructure to provide a solid foundation for economic growth and a prosperous community.


⇨ Roads

Economic Infrastructure

⇨ Village Improvements

⇨ Public Facilities

⇨ Housing

⇨ Curb rate increases by GPA, GWA and the Port


Federal Highway Fund projects
Islandwide Guardrail Repair: Replacement, repair, and strengthening of old and damaged guardrails throughout the island. $1.0million

Islandwide road striping and signage: Striping, road markers, replacement of signs throughout the island. $2.0million

Islandwide road repair: Select areas throughout the island to repair and repave certain damaged road areas. $2.0million

Route 1 Marine Drive, from Route 30 (Gov. Carlos G. Camacho Rd) to Route 10A (Airport Rd).

Complete resurface and re-paving of all six travel lanes and one middle lane, to include the entire ITC Intersection. $8.6million (actual)

Route 28 (Y-Seng-Song Rd.) in Dededo. Complete reconstruction, re-paving, shoulder improvements and drainage improvements. $7.9million (actual)

Route 5 (Santa Rita, from Route 2 to naval Magazine). Reconstruction of two travel lanes, expanded shoulders, and drainage improvements. $10.4million (est.)

Route 14 (Chalan San Antonio) in Tamuning….Re-paving of all six travel lanes and one middle
lane. From the ITC intersection to the Guam Hilton. The roundabout will also be re-configured
to function properly as a roundabout is intended to. $11.7 million (est.)

Territorial Highway Funds
GovGuam Islandwide Village Street Pavement Program:

1. Talofofo Highway Rt 4A (Joe P. Cruz St. to Elementary School) $315k
2. Talofofo Highway Rt 4A (N. San Muguel to Ernest P. Santos St.) 743
3. Maimai Road, Chalan Pago 578
4. Duenas St, Agat 133
5. Cook Street, Agat 46
6. Perry Street, Agat 38
7. N. Eugenio St, Agat 70
8. Chalan Chandiha, Inarajan 52
9. Francisco Perez St., Ipan 137
10. Chalan Aguon, Menenngon Yona 356
11. Felix P. Pangelinan Drive, Santa Rita 112
12. Tun Ignacio Chana/David Flores Ct., Yigo


Economic Infrastructure
$203 Million in Airport projects
terminal, runway, and fire & rescue improvements
$45 Million in Port projects
wharf and pier repairs
Waterline and access roads
Warehouse and building repairs
$ 4 Million GRTA Operations Center
Fisherman’s Coop $5M hot bond


Village Improvements
$14.7 million in ARP funding for water improvements
Sinajana Walks $150 thousand in Community Development Block
Grant (CBDG) funding
Res Treatment Ctr for Women /Salvation Army CDBG $1.4 million
Sinajana Central Community Arts Hall CDBG $769,949
$12 Million GHURA financing for I Learn Academy Charter School
Ordot CPO Multipurpose Emergency Center $8.8 million in federal and local funds
Ordot CPO Mayors office renovation $468 thousand local funds

Village Improvements
New Swimming Pool $6 million DOI funding
Inarajan Basketball Court $838,679 CDBG
Rehab of Umatac Baseball Field $300,000 plus $384,441 CDBG
Rehab/New Const. Comm Rec.Facility MTM $464,567 CDBG
$250 K Saulaglula (Inarajan) Pool Repairs
– Limited gaming Fund
$35K new Agana tennis court lighting DOI
$4.4M gyms and recreation facilities DOI

Public Facilities
$1.5 Million Foster care facility DOI
$2.5 Million DOI for a permanent Homeless Shelter
$270 thousand Agriculture facility improvements
including a wet lab DOI
Masso Reservoir engineering assessment $30 thousand
$600 thousand GRTA Park and Ride facility A/E


$66Million in tax credits from GHURA to
finance the construction of more
affordable housing
$3.6 Million for the acquisition and
rehabilitation of affordable rental units for
Guam Housing Corp. has funded a $1.4
million renovation of 23 affordable rental
housing units in Lada Gardens

ARP subsidies to help keep down power and
water rates and to freeze Port tariff rates
GPA $15 million
GWA $14.4 million
Port $15 million

Improving Public Services

Our Goal • Meet the needs of our community, improve customer service, and advance the quality of life for all our people


⇨ Invest in the Villages
⇨ Technology upgrades
⇨ Governance and Oversight
⇨ Improve customer service
⇨ Expand social services
⇨ Housing security
⇨ Improve Child Care


Invest in the Villages
Park and Recreation $2.5 million ARP
6 new park rangers
$2.5 million in ARP funding for GRTA services
$ 8 million in Federal Transit Authority (FTA) funding for new
electric GRTA busses and transport vehicles
$4.2 million in FTA funds – 27 GRTA 14-passenger Vans

Technology Upgrades
OTECH $4.4 million ARP
DISID Mngt. Info System $170 thousand federal grant
Land Management IT upgrade $309 thousand DOI
GovGuam IT Assessment $300 thousand DOI
Dept, of Administration IT and contractual needs $8.2 million ARP
Department of Revenue and Taxation
IT and contractual needs $9 million ARP,
$1.5 M DOI funding business permit license online
$187,980 CARES Act funding Drivers license online
– Paratransit One Click transportation management System $458,000 in FTA funds
Accelerate Innovative Mobility (AIM ) system $2.3 Million in federal and local funds
$76 thousand in FTA funds for Route Shout and Transit Minor systems.

Governance and Oversight
$2 million in ARP funding for
Comprehensive Wage Adjustment Study
$6.9 million in ARP funding for the Judiciary, Guam
Ethics Commission, Civil Service Commission, BBMR,
Commission on Decolonization, Public Defender


ARP Investment in
Land agencies $2.2 million
PEALS Board $36 thousand
Contractors License Board $72 thousand


Expand Social Services
$38 million All Rise program
VA Office – $1.2 million ARP
$40 thousand DOI for VA accredited reps
Bureau of Women’s Affairs $129 thousand ARP

Housing Security
Safe Haven Program for Homeless $1.5 million ARP
New Homeless Shelter $1.6 Million GHURA
Guam’s Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) program $50 million
Guam’s Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF) program $13.5 million
$714 thousand CDBG grant to GHC to administer a mortgage relief Program


Improve Child Care
Creation of Child Wellness Division
$130 Million in child care
$93.5 Million for the increased Child Tax Credit for over
30 thousand children

Investing In The Future

American Rescue Plan and Education Stabilization Funds Allocations

Economic Growth $91,749,798

Education $44,251,856

Health $265,010,984

Public Safety $26,606,398

Environment $18,440,778

Infrastructure $82,137,400

Improving Public Services $78,615,519

Total $606,812,733

American Rescue Plan allocations

Economic Growth $91,749,798

Education $7,351,856

Health $265,010,984

Public Safety $26,606,398

Environment $18,440,778.

Infrastructure $82,137,400

Improving Public Services $78,615,519

Total $569,912,733

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