Barrigada, GU – Inspections of Class 4 (On-Sale) and Class 5 (Off-Sale) Alcoholic Beverage-licensed establishments by the Guam Department of Revenue and Taxation’s Compliance branch staff have resulted in the issuance of ten (10) notices of violation and the collection of $15,000 in penalties.  These also yielded information used by the Alcoholic Beverage and Control (ABC) Board to effectuate a 90-day suspension of an Alcoholic Beverage License and the seizure of approximately $300k worth of alcoholic beverages.    

The ABC enforcement operations were conducted from February 25, 2023 through April 08, 2023 at 78 establishments.  Violations ranged from employees without valid ABC cards to the sale of alcoholic beverages outside of permitted hours (PL30-154).  

“While we are excited to see an uptick in new alcoholic beverage and temporary event applications which equates to business growth for Guam, both the Regulatory Compliance Division and the ABC Board remain committed to enforcing compliant operations in relation to responsible drinking and best serving the interests of the people of Guam,” said Board Chairperson Lisa Fisher.      


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