(January 31, 2018– Hagåtña)  In response to Speaker Benjamin Cruz’s press release yesterday, GMH issued a statement today correcting the Speaker’s mistaken assumption that GMH will not share findings with the Legislature: 


Immediately following last week’s GMH oversight hearing, GMH Administrator Peter John Camacho revisited Senator Rodriguez’s request for information with GMH legal counsel to address his valid concern about transparency.  A letter was then sent to Senator Rodriguez updating him that GMH WOULD release the findings directly to him under strict confidentiality.


“The initial concern raised by our legal counsel on releasing these documents, is that it could expose the hospital to future litigation. After requesting special consideration for our oversight chair, legal counsel advised us that we may release the report to the senator in confidence. We have now followed this up with a similar request for Speaker Cruz.”     


GMH cautions both Senator Rodriguez and Speaker Cruz that releasing information in the report by themselves or their staff could expose the hospital to litigation and deteriorate patient care.  


“We value both Speaker Cruz and Senator Rodriguez support on this compromise effort. We humbly ask that the Speaker just call us next time instead of spending unnecessary time on a lengthy FOIA request and press release. We are committed to working together, and could have easily addressed his concern over a short phone call,” Camacho said.


“While GMH appreciates the Legislature’s interest in the accreditation information, you will not find the solution to GMH’s challenges in the information requested, you will not find it in another oversight hearing, or another FOIA request- you will find the solution in several funding bills before the legislature now. A dedicated funding source is required to improve patient care and modernize the hospital,” GMH CFO Benita Manglona said. 

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