Governor Leon Guerrero Signs 3 Bills into Law
Hagåtña, Guam – Three bills have been signed into Public Law to set the timeline of acting
appointments, appropriate funds to pay expenditures at the Guam Election Commission (GEC), and
to require the Guam Environmental Protection Agency (GEPA) to publish violations within 15 days
of service.
Governor Leon Guerrero signed:
• Bill 24-35 into Public Law 35-8, establishing a 90 calendar day time limit for acting
• Bill 15-35 into Public Law 35-7, appropriating $298,536 from the General Fund to the GEC
for expenditures related to the 2018 Primary and General Elections; and
• Bill 27-35 into Public Law 35-6, requiring the GEPA to publish Notices of Violation, Orders
of Compliance, Notices of Defense, Voluntary Compliance Agreements of the Guam
Pesticides Act and the Guam Beverage Container Recycling Act of 2010, Settlement
Agreements, and Referrals to the Office of the Attorney General for prosecution no later
than 15 days from service
“Public Law 35-7 now makes whole the funds due to the GEC for their work in administering our
local elections and protecting an important tenet of democracy,” said Governor Leon Guerrero.
“Next, I signed Bill 24-35 into law, not to ‘clarify’ the number of days an appointee may serve in an
acting capacity, but to establish that acting appointments can only serve 90 calendar days.”
Although GEPA publishes notices of violations on a timely basis, Public Law 35-6 requires the
agency to adhere to a schedule. “The public should be made aware of any potential environmental
situations to our community regardless of the magnitude of any impact. This is why I agree with Bill
27-35 and signed it into law,” said the Governor.
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