Mangilao, Guam – In support of Guam’s fisheries and the fishing community, the Division of Aquatic and Wildlife Resources (DAWR) of the Department of Agriculture (DOAG) is mailing 465 relief checks totaling approximately $988,803 to local fishers as part of an initial batch of CARES Act Fisheries Relief funding, which supports commercial fishing and associated activities that have been negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

DAWR received the relief checks from the Pacific State Marine Fisheries Commission (PSMFC) and distributed them to registered fishers based on select categories, including subsistence and subsistence with sales and commercial. Check amounts ranged from $1,600 to $39,000 and were determined based on these categories and documentation provided by fishers validating their commercial losses. Fishers who successfully registered and applied during this first enrollment period are advised to check their mailboxes. Applications received by fishers who successfully registered and applied for the second enrollment period are currently pending processing by PSMFC. The status of the second batch of relief checks may be found at

“Fishing has been a cornerstone of our culture for centuries and remains an integral part of life, providing a livelihood for many of our island’s families. We haven’t forgotten that even our humble fishers have suffered a loss in sales, so it is our hope that this funding reels in some relief for them and their businesses,” said Acting Governor Josh Tenorio. “We thank the Department of Agriculture and our federal partners for ensuring that our fishers receive this necessary financial assistance. We will continue supporting our community through these important initiatives, which also lends a boost to our local economy and helps grow our fishing industry.”

For more information, contact or call 671-735-0288/0294/3982.


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