Bureau of NCD Consortium Established to Strengthen Disease Prevention

Hagåtña, Guam – The Leon Guerrero-Tenorio Administration announces growing efforts to advance healthcare prevention efforts and strengthen public and private sector collaboration with the establishment of the Bureau of Non-Communicable Disease Consortium at the Department of Public Health and Social Services (DPHSS) on July 28, 2022. 

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero and Lt. Governor Josh Tenorio reconvened the Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) Consortium on May 12, 2022, after the organization temporarily paused during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the meeting, NCD members and healthcare partners addressed their concerns and challenges to Governor Leon Guerrero and Lt. Governor Tenorio on Guam’s four major NCDs: cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and chronic respiratory disease. As a result, Governor Leon Guerrero instructed DPHSS to work together with stakeholders to establish a Bureau of Non-Communicable Disease Consortium.

“As we build on the success of our pandemic management, we are now strategically making a paradigm shift by investing more resources in preventative care and strengthening the front end of healthcare delivery,” said Governor Leon Guerrero. “In order for us to effectively address the leading causes of deaths in Guam, we must take precision actions that are focused on saving lives and improving mortality. By prioritizing proactive healthcare, we will reduce the burdensome cost of long-term care and produce better health outcomes for the people of Guam.”

“The establishment of the Bureau of Non-Communicable Disease Consortium provides the opportunity for us to maximize local resources, build healthcare capacity, and expand our partnerships with private clinics and non-profits,” said Lt. Governor Tenorio. “Together, we present a united front with the goal of preventing disease and creating a healthier community.”


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