July 29, 2018

Hagåtña — The Department of Administration is mailing out $4 million in tax refunds tomorrow (Monday).

The Department of Revenue and Taxation printed the checks on Friday. The checks cover status A returns that qualify for refunds for Feb. 13. There were some Feb. 14 checks printed as well.

“We continue to meet our obligations this fiscal year thanks to the reduction in GovGuam expenditures and the one percentage point increase in BPT. It’s uncertain, at this point, what Fiscal 2019 holds for us without a plan from the Legislature,” Governor Calvo stated.

Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio reiterated that the administration remains committed to paying tax refunds owed to the people of Guam and fulfilling its obligations. “Thus far we’ve paid nearly $1.4 billion in tax refunds – we started this effort before attorneys even filed their court case because it was a priority and it will remain that way.”

The administration thanks the people of Guam for their patience in waiting for tax refunds. If the majority at the Legislature had allowed the tax revenue anticipation note to be utilized, tax refunds would have been paid out and people wouldn’t still be waiting. And monies being paid out now, would be paying the note to the bank until the end of the fiscal year.

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