“It’s been many years since the Guam Memorial Hospital has been fully renovated. While we hope to do more to modernize our hospital to create medical facilities that meet the needs of our community, we are glad to see this portion of the modernization move forward.”
– Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
Obligation of funds approved
The Guam Memorial Hospital can move forward with the renovation and modernization of the Labor and Delivery Ward.
The Guam Economic Development Authority received notice of approval to obligate the $9.2 million. GEDA officials have to submit final closing documents, which will be completed in the next 30 days. With the funding they can begin the procurement process.
Earlier this year, there were concerns because the Legislature’s approved funding level didn’t meet the total need. The administration requested and received from the U.S. Department of Interior $3.5 million. That’s nearly $13 million to cover the cost of the project.
The modernized maternity ward will include rooms equipped with everything doctors and nurses need to help expectant moms and babies — allowing them to remain in one room for their birthing experience. Currently, expectant moms are moved several times as they go through the stages of labor and delivery.

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