April 13, 2017 (Hagåtña) — Governor Eddie Baza Calvo offered a second chance to two Guamanians. This marks the first round of pardons since the Governor announced his Second Chance initiative during his State of the Island address.
“We are giving these individuals an opportunity to live up to their full potential,” Governor Calvo said. “The Second Chance Initiative is all about breaking down barriers for those who have turned their lives around and are contributing to the community.”
Governor Calvo pardoned the following individuals:
· Michael Perez: Has led a law-abiding life for more than 23 years since he was convicted of theft by receiving as a misdemeanor in 1994. He has been employed with the same company for more than 22 years. A father of four, Mr. Perez also works a second job to ensure he’s able to provide for his children’s education and other needs.
· Christian Toves: Requested the pardon so he could move forward in his current occupation. He was convicted of Driving Under the Influence in 2012. He also has volunteered as a coach for one of the island’s soccer clubs and has served as a youth mentor and swimming coach with the Youth for Youth Summer Camp.
In addition to meeting the criteria of the Second Chance initiative, Mr. Perez and Mr. Toves were interviewed by the Governor before a final decision was reached on their pardons.
“After speaking to them, hearing their challenges when it comes to bettering their lives, it’s clear these men have faced a real barrier,” the Governor said. “My Second Chance initiative recognizes that people sometimes make mistakes in their younger years and they only want to move forward but their past holds them down. This pardon will not only make a difference in Christian and Michael’s lives, but in their families and in their communities.”

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