NEWS: Aguon’s bill to stop road projects FAILS
July 6, 2018
Hagåtña – Senator Frank Aguon Jr.’s bill to end the road projects has failed. The liquid fuel tax increase became law in October which increased the LFT by 4 cents over a three-year period, which started with only a 1.5 cent increase in January. The increase is meant to fund village road repairs.
“There has been a lot of good work done with our village roads. I want to thank the hard working members of the Department of Public Works for their commitment, and to all the senators who voted in favor of moving our village road improvements forward,” said Governor Eddie Baza Calvo.
Sens. Tom Ada, Wil Castro, BJ Cruz, Jim Espaldon, Fernando Esteves, Tommy Morrison, Louise Muna, and Therese Terlaje showed their leadership today by allowing the improvements to continue.
“It costs between $500 million to $700 million to repair these village roads for our people and it takes all of us working together to ensure these good things happen,” said Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio.
DPW was able to complete road projects such as Gil Breeze in Yigo, Pale Kieran Drive in Sinajana, Macheche Lane in Dededo, Hamburger Road in Harmon, and a stretch of road in Umatac due to the increase just to name a few.
Some upcoming roads include:
– Pagachao Drive in Agat
– Chalan Ayuyu in Yona
– Lamasu and Biridan Pulattat in Dededo
– Cruz Lane in Tamuning
With the funding, DPW will be able to repair hundreds of village roads identified by both Village Mayors and DPW in the years ahead.

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