The Administration continues to pay out tax refunds. Another batch of checks are being processed today for $1.3 million in checks that will be sent to hundreds of taxpayers on Monday. 

“We continue to work for the people of our island. When Ray and I first came into office, there were those who doubted we would catch up and stay caught up with tax refunds. But eight years later, we have paid $1 BILLION in tax refunds WITHOUT BORROWING,” Governor Calvo stated. 

Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio noted that whether it is paying tax refunds or fixing Guam’s roads, progress is the hallmark of the Calvo Tenorio Administration. 

“This morning, we cut the ribbon at Barcinas Street in Inarajan and now, even more tax refunds are being put back into the people of Guam’s pockets. As we’ve always said, the people are our priority and we will continue to work hard to improve everyone’s quality of life,” Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio stated. 

The soon-to-be-mailed batch of refunds follows another batch of refunds sent last week to the tune of $1M. Both batches help complete the payout for what was owed to April 17 filers.

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