Sept. 27, 2018
Hagåtña — More than 7,000 tax refund checks will be mailed out Monday. The $15 million in checks are for Status A returns filed by April 16.
“In the last seven to eight years, we have kept up with the tax refunds and though I would have liked to leave a very clear path that would have helped the next administration to do the same, there were others in the Legislature whose actions were ruled more by politics than setting our government up for success in the future,” Governor Calvo stated. “Every solution we put forward that required the Legislature’s authorization — whether it was the bond in 2011 or the TRAN in 2017 — both of which would have opened the door to faster tax refunds for our people were delayed and denied, respectively.”
The Calvo Tenorio administration, upon walking into Adelup in 2011 inherited a deficit of unpaid tax refunds nearing $300 million by the end of Fiscal Year 2011. With smart financial measures, the administration has decreased the deficit, grown the economy, and improved first responders’ ability to keep our public safe all while paying refunds within the year they were filed — not up to six years later as was done in previous administrations.
“Since we came into office, we promised to prioritize your tax refunds. Governor Calvo and I have lived up to this promise. The people of Guam and our working families deserve to get their refunds on time and not have to wait years for it,” said Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio.

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