NEWS: Casino bill lapses into law; Governor’s team to support Liberation Day festivities
Governor Calvo has directed cabinet and senior staff members to assist mayors with this year’s Liberation Day festivities to ensure we continue with the annual celebration marking the end of World War II.
Bill 50, which the Governor allowed to lapse into law, repeals previous legislation that allowed exceptions for casino gambling on Guam, which historically has included Liberation Day Carnival and village fiestas.
The Legislature gave mayors the job of organizing Liberation Day festivities, honoring the men and women who suffered the atrocities and fought those who held this island captive. And for the last few years the Mayors had relied on the funding from the casino to help pay for festivities.
“I personally haven’t been a fan of gambling. The mayors utilized the casino for a very practical purpose,” the Governor stated. “And now, the Legislature has taken away the funding the mayors need on the eve of the festivities, without providing alternate resources to the mayors.”
Governor Calvo said he won’t allow the Liberation Day festivities — something our island family looks forward to every year — to be ruined.
“I’ve talked to my team and they’ll support our mayors as much as possible and if there’s anyone out there who would like to join us in making this the best Liberation Day season ever then please know that you are welcomed,” the Governor stated.

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