March 2, 2018

Hagåtña — Today after recessing for a three-day holiday weekend, Acting Speaker Therese Terlaje ignored the Governor’s call to action to address the fiscal crisis, and did not call the Legislature into special session as prescribed by the Organic Act.

In the meantime, the executive branch has begun the furlough process, two fire stations are scheduled to close this weekend, and the employment of approximately 40 Limited Term employees has not been renewed. While senators have recessed for the 3-day weekend, thousands of government employees face uncertainty and others face unemployment.

“The fiscal crisis before us is real. Every day of inaction means we are digging a deeper hole and the consequences grow,” Governor Calvo said.

“This is perhaps the most, dire fiscal challenge facing our island during my seven tenure as Governor, and certain senators don’t seem to get this, or worse — don’t care.”

Speaker Benjamin Cruz left island earlier this week for Bangkok and Senator Mike San Nicolas has been absent from session all week.

“I’m calling Vice-Speaker Terlaje to get to work immediately to address the critical work before us, and I’m calling Speaker BJ Cruz and Senator San Nicolas home to address the challenge before our people,” Calvo said.

If senators don’t get to work on this emergency, the administration is exhausting all legal remedies available. A legislative solution is required to address the matter before us.


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