June 18, 2018
Hagåtña – At tonight’s oversight hearing for the Guam Memorial Hospital Authority, Dr. Shieh addresses whistleblowing, provides clarity for lawmakers on the hospital’s dire need for funding, and an administrator’s negative take on her reassignment.
Dr. Thomas Shieh calls on the media frenzy regarding whistleblowers and goes on record to address the legislature’s inaction after years of bringing issues to their attention “If you want to call it whistle blowing, I’ve been whistle blowing to you guys for years! … I’ve been to this legislative body not just the 34th but the 33rd, the 32nd.” He continues to say, ““I’m a ‘whistleblower’ OK? That seems like the term that the legislature loves today. The media loves whistle blowing so let’s just get this done. … I think we need to find a source of funding.”
As his testimony continues he directs lawmakers to focus not on the personal issues being presented to them, but rather on the issues truly at hand. In reference to the labor and delivery modernization project.
“It’s a project that we started off four years ago and it’s still not done. I know that GEDA put out another ad for RFP today or yesterday, I haven’t really seen it yet but I heard about it, but that’s just another RFP to get financing. I would encourage legislature to look for funding for this project because 2,000 babies are delivered, over 2,500 moms come through Guam Memorial Hospital. And that is your, that’s the heart and soul of GMH. I haven’t heard Dr. Shimabukuro talk about labor and delivery or women’s health.” Dr. Shieh said.
“GMH needs funding, it’s a no-brainer.”
Finally, Dr. Shieh addresses his take on the reassignment of Dr. Kozue Shimabukuro, “I’m not here to talk about the personal issues, I’m just here to offer clarity. … if there’s any personal issues, just work it out. … Let me tell you something about physicians hired at the hospital, but when you’re hired as non-class or GG1 status or a private contract your boss can assign you wherever you want. They can change your job description. You don’t have to accept. If you don’t want to accept, you can quit. … I’m trying to encourage the whistleblower not to think of that as a demotion or retaliation.”
Senator Dennis Rodriguez, Jr has been the healthcare chairman for eight years.

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