June 20, 2018
Hagåtña — Senators need to stop saying CMS will cut off Guam Memorial Hospital and scaring the people of Guam. They need to stop the politics and help GMH.
Chief Financial Officer Benita Manglona noted that they have provided the Legislature with their needs and their solutions. The hospital, for years, has urged senators to help with dedicated funding – not concerned with the funding source — and the Governor has provided a number of possible funding sources. Only recently has the Legislature responded to these years-long pleas by providing a portion of the sales tax that goes into effect in October.
GMH has faced challenges with CMS many times over the years and has always submitted corrective action plans to deal with those challenges. Each of these challenges were met and dealt with successfully. There is no reason to doubt GMH can deal with its latest challenges and Speaker BJ Cruz and Senator Mike San Nicolas need to stop scaring the community.
While CMS conditions of participation is a serious matter, there is no reason to doubt the abilities of the GMH staff and management to deal with this problem successfully. For the sake of our community, the politicians are not experts in this area and should stop using their positions to draw conclusions on things they know very little about.

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