Governor Calvo is reaching out to the Nethan family who lost five children in a fire that engulfed their Yigo home.
“As a father and a grandfather I cannot imagine the pain and suffering Rino and Mersetes are going through right now,” the Governor stated.  “They lost five children. And its a loss felt by our entire community. We lost five bright young angels in this tragedy.”
The Governor has tasked a team to assist the family. Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center as well as Department of Public Health and Social Services have reached out to the family to provide counseling and other help.
A boot drive has been scheduled for 4-6 p.m.Oct. 5 at the three major intersections: Micronesia Mall, ITC, and Chief Kepuha Loop.
“I don’t know what else can be done but I would at least like to raise some money to assist the family — we all know that funerals are expensive and I want to alleviate at least some of the family’s worries as they go through this time of heartache and sorrow,” he said.
Guam Fire Department Fire Chief Joey San Nicolas said the fire was probably the worst that Guam has seen with five lives lost in one night.
“Christine, Ray and I are praying for the family, and I ask everyone to join us,” the Governor stated. “As you go to bed tonight with your family, please take a moment to reflect on the lives of these precious children.”
Individuals or organizations that would like to help can call Adelup at 473-8931.

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