May 14, 2018
Governor Calvo has called for a temporary halt to the Chamorro Land Trust Commission’s awarding of leases while the Commission continues its review.
“On Friday, the Attorney General opined that there are administrative practices exercised over the last 25 years that require review,” Governor Calvo stated in a letter to the Chamorro Land Trust Commission. “As the Commission addresses this issue, it would be prudent to place a hold on any awards while you and your fellow Commissioners review the processes by which leases have been executed and determine a corrective course of action.”
Governor Calvo, in the letter to the CLTC, recommended that Commissioners immediately establish a moratorium. Typically, the Governor signs the leases after they are approved by the Chamorro Land Trust Commission.
The CLTC has awarded about 3,000 leases in total and of that 738 leases were awarded in the last 8 years.

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