The news of Alfred C. Ysrael’s passing is met with much sadness.
Governor Calvo, First Lady Christine Calvo, Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio and Madoko Tenorio, send their prayers and condolences to the Ysrael family and ask the island community to pray with them.
Mr. Ysrael is known as a visionary entrepreneur whose success story continues to inspire people. His understanding of the business world helped him create Tanota Partners and significantly contributed to the economic growth and development of this island.
“He was a good family man who had a lot in common with my dad. They were best friends,” Governor Calvo stated. “He had our respect because he earned it. My uncle called him a man who ‘talks and delivers’. And you can’t dispute it. Almost anywhere you look on this island you see Al’s fingerprints. He took pride in his work and you see that also in his leadership of the island and the legacy he left behind for his children.”
Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio added:  “Words may not suffice to express the heartfelt sorrow that I feel for the passing of Alfred Ysrael. He was a captain of industry and a business legend. His friendship will be missed, but his legacy lives on. My condolences and prayers to Diane, Elizabeth, Mariana, Catherine, Donna, Michael, Donna and the rest of the Ysrael family.  God rest his soul.”
Mr. Ysrael had a sense of responsibility to give back to the community, donating to a number of schools and community organizations over the years. He also served as a senator in the 12th and 13th Legislatures. As a senator he advocated common sense policies. He’s been honored by the local publication Guam Business, which named him the 2006 Executive of the Year, and was also named as a Guam Chamber of Commerce Business Laureate.

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