NEWS: Guam Housing Continues Search for Homeless Shelter;
Landlords encouraged to submit proposals
“Society is measured by how you take care of the most vulnerable,” – Gov. Eddie Baza Calvo
June 1, 2018 (Hagåtña) — The Guam Housing Corporation is continuing its search for an evening homeless shelter in central Guam. A publication soliciting proposals is scheduled for this Monday in local newspapers.
“I encourage landlords with commercial property to take a look at the publication. We invite you to work with us to provide this service and be a part of the solution to the homelessness issue on our island,” Governor Calvo stated.
The initial goal is to ensure there’s a safe place for people, especially the women, children, or elderly to have a safe place to sleep for the night.
“GHC, at the governor’s direction, is looking for a private sector landlord with property in central Guam to lease an apartment building or commercial building,” GHC President Chis Duenas said. The goal is to find an apartment complex with 15 units or more for the following purpose:
· Provide safe evening shelter and a place to shower.
· Allow temporary facility users a place to check into in the evening and check out in the morning. The facility is not intended to serve as a long-term housing solution.
· Serve as a drop-off point for public safety officers to shelter those who have taken to public places in the evening — such as parks and local businesses.
· The facility would also serve as a hub for faith-based organizations, NGO’s and social services to assist clients trying to get back on their feet.
· It would also serve as a pickup point for daily job opportunities as well as employment programs.
“The homeless issue is complex matter that requires a multifaceted solution,” Lt. Governor Tenorio said. “The intent of this facility is to have a place for people to sleep at night. And over time it can also serve as a hub that connects people with social services and job opportunities so they can get back on their feet and find permanent housing solution.”
The bid calls on landlords and property owners to submit proposals for semi-finished complex or commercial property in central Guam that includes utilities.
“If you have a facility, we encourage you to submit an proposal,” Guam Housing President Chris Duenas said.
For more information about the RFP, call GHC at 647-4143 or 647-4146.

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