June 28, 2018
Hagåtña — “It’s been a long time coming” said Mangilao resident Danny Cepeda at today’s ribbon cutting ceremony for Atanacio Street.
“We’ve seen the way the roads have been and they’re not good on the cars. Our Mayors are totally awesome! They always work with their staff to come out here especially for our Man’amko, to come and cover the holes that were caused by water erosion,” said Mangilao resident Danny Cepeda. “I can safely say and I speak for the people here that it’s a long time coming and we are happy that it’s finally done. We are happy to be living here and the development is taking off!”
Acting Director of DPW, Andrew Leon Guerrero thanked the Calvo Tenorio administration and the 34th Guam Legislature for the support needed to repave Atanacio Street and many others in the last few months, with more village road improvement projects to come.
Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio joined Mangilao residents, Leon Guerero, Mangilao Mayor Allan Ungacta, and the Department of of Public Works team.
“The reason these things get done is we have great people doing great work — it doesn’t happen by accident,” Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio said. “Senator Morrison and others provided a funding source to close that gap and to be able to get the roads incrementally, one at a time, based on the priorities of the villages and the needs of the constituents to pave these roads.”
Mangilao resident Maria Taitague shared her appreciation on the road improvement.
“You know they really improved the road because it’s very rough. Like the tires, sometimes we have to call the Mayors to do something about that. It’s about time they did something.”
Mangilao Mayor Allan Ungacta thanked DPW and the Mangilao Mayor’s Office staff for working to help the community, saying teamwork should “focus on taking the community forward.”
“Let’s go get this thing done,” Mayor Ungacta added.

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