(Monday, August 21, 2017 – Tokyo, Japan) Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio and the Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB) met with media in Tokyo, Japan today to reassure the Japanese people and all potential travelers that Guam continues to remain safe and protected since the North Korea issue occurred.
“I know many of you have questions about the threat from North Korea,” said Lt. Governor Tenorio. “Let me reassure you that first of all, the entire time that the media has been talking about this issue — our island has been safe. We remain in a state of normalcy, our beaches are filled with tourists, and it continues to be business as usual on Guam.”
GVB President and CEO Nathan Denight echoed the Lt. Governor’s statement, telling Japanese media at the Japan National Press Club that visitors interviewed by global media stated they were not worried and understood there was no difference in their level of safety.
Japan is important to Guam and has been the island’s number one visitor market. Guam is also celebrating 50 years since the first flight from Japan arrived on Guam this year.
Additionally, August is one of the busiest months for Guam in visitor arrivals. GVB’s Research Department confirmed August 2016 was the best month in Guam’s tourism industry with 144,758 visitors welcomed to Guam. As of August 15, arrivals for the month of August are up 3% from last year.
“Tourism is a fragile industry. Guam’s brand image is built as a very safe and family friendly destination,” said Denight. “That’s why we’re here with the Lt. Governor of Guam. We want to reassure people there has been no change in Guam. Although the global spotlight has been on our island in recent days, Guam remains the same family-friendly and safe destination it has always been.”

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