“With a combination of smart financial management, leveraging of federal grant opportunities and working with private sector partners, our island has gone from fewer than 10 police cars to more than 40. It hasn’t been easy but we did it because we value the safety of our community. And while there is more work to be done, this is an occasion where we can pause, take a breath and say thank you to Chief JI Cruz, the police officers and civilian employees of GPD, our partners in the private sector, and everyone who support our men and women in blue.”
                                              — Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
Keeping our families safe
Dec. 21, 2016 (Hagåtña) — The Guam Police Department continues its partnership with Atkins Kroll Guam to ensure police officers have the fleet of cars necessary to patrol our streets and respond to emergencies.
We have come a long way in our Public Safety agencies. We now have enough ambulances, fire engines and hazardous material units to service our entire island. And now with our continued collaboration with Atkins Kroll Guam, we are able to provide Guam’s police officers with newer vehicles to keep our community and our people safe,” says Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio.  “The safety of our people have always been top priority and partnerships with AK and numerous other supporters help make that happen.”
The Guam Police Department and Atkins Kroll extended the lease of 10 Toyota Prius for another year. They entered into a lease agreement two (2) years ago. The $423,720 lease agreement covers the maintenance of the vehicles, saving the government money, while also augmenting GPD’s fleet of vehicles. AK Guam President Des Graham recently signed the agreement with GPD Chief J.I. Cruz.
Under the leadership of Governor Eddie Baza Calvo and Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio the island’s public safety agencies have strengthened. The administration restored the pay of our police officers and provided them with the tools they need to execute their mission. In the last six years, GPD has hired more police officers, upgraded and modernized police stations, built a robust Neighborhood Watch Program, and grown its fleet of patrol cars.

GPD Chief J.I. Cruz credits the unending efforts of Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio and his Public Safety initiatives for bridging the gap and establishing connections with our island residents and community partners.
In order to control crime and maintain order, the police must first establish a strong partnership with the community it serves to protect,” says Cruz.  “Our police officers put their lives at risk, facing dangers everyday, but they are made stronger and better when the people and businesses of Guam are behind them.”

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