October 15, 2018

Hagåtña, Guam – Today we recognize the Port Authority of Guam (PAG) for their contribution to the economies of Guam and our regional community.

The Port Authority has undergone a series of projects that work to modernize our primary port of entry for goods continues. Just this year, the Port Authority was able to successfully raise $71.4 million on the bond market that will mean modernization, expansion and improvements and better access to goods at a better rate. I applaud the hard working men and women at the Port for their continued dedication to the growth of one of our most important agencies,” said Governor Eddie Calvo.

The Port Authority is our lifeline for the island of Guam. They are the main conduit through which we receive the vast majority of commodities that we use every day. I thank the thousands of employees both public and private, who throughout the years have made our port not only strong, but Port strong,” said Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio.

At today’s ceremony, October 15 to October 19 was proclaimed “Port Week” in celebration of their 43rd anniversary. PAG is comprised of 360 employees who remain committed to the handling of over 83,500 containers as of August this year.

We are very pleased to be celebrating the Port’s 43 anniversary as an autonomous agency.  This week provides us an opportunity to recognize and commend all the hard working men and women at the Port Authority of Guam that keep cargo moving for our island and the region. With the successful acquisition of $71.4 million in bond financing in 2018, we are very excited and looking to the future for the facility upgrades and new construction that will take the Port to a new and improved level of operation to serve our community,” said Joanne Brown, Port Authority General Manager.

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