Concerned citizens and hospital employees flood the Legislature’s public hearing room in a display that sends a strong message to Senators: fully fund the Guam Memorial Hospital now.


People with black armbands held signs that read, “Don’t abandon our people,” “Committee on Health – what’s your solution?” and “GMH is in your hands,” filed into the Legislature’s public hearing room and took their seats as the proceedings began.


“The employees at GMH know better than anyone how much the hospital needs this funding. Medicine, supplies, equipment, and facilities that we need to do our job in order to help every single person who walks through our doors are critical and necessary. We see their tears, and we watch them break down — physically, emotionally. This shouldn’t be the norm for Guam,” – Irish Davis, Lab Administrative Assistant.


This isn’t the first time employees have spoken out for GMH. Thousands of island residents signed petitions that supported the Governor’s past initiatives for the hospital – the only solutions that have been offered for the hospital’s problems in the last decade.


The Mayors’ Council of Guam also supported GMH’s modernization efforts, passing a resolution that called on the senators to support the Governor’s previous bills that would have given GMH the financial support it needed. Despite strong backing, senators turned down both of the governor’s previous efforts toward a solution. Bill 230 is the latest attempt to resolve the hospital’s decades-long underfunding.

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