December 26, 2017
Hagåtña — Residents can access social security information and request documents at the six public libraries.
The Guam Office of Technology installed the SSA Express Icon on 61 Guam Public Library System computers at Agat, Barrigada, Dededo, Hagåtña, Merizo and Yona.
This will allow the public to quickly access valuable information about Social Security benefits, by accessing specific portions of the Social Security Administration’s website to conduct business and obtain forms. There were no fees associated with creating or using the SSA Express Desktop Icon.
According to Social Security officials, the installation of the SSA Express Icon on Guam’s public library computers is modeled after successful implementation in other regions.
“We believe that this effort benefits the customers we mutually serve,” Social Security officials stated in a letter to Frank Lujan, GovGuam’s Chief Technology Officer.
Guam Public Library System officials said this is just one of the ways the library system strives to serve the island: “It’s one of the services that we provide to the community in terms of being a hub for information.”
The public library system hosts regular programs such as literacy programs for children, and computer training courses for our manåmko’.
“We have a Manåmko’ Computer Training Class starting up soon, which is free, by the way, and it covers use of the Internet. We’ll be able to show our class how to access the new social security access,” said Rowena Morales with the Guam Public Library.
WHAT: Guam Public Library System (GPLS) Manåmko’ Computer Training Class
WHERE: Hagåtña Library
WHEN: The first class begins January 22, 2018. Computer classes will be offered until March 1, 2018. These free classes are broken down to one-week sessions.
TIME: 9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.; Monday – Thursday
REGISTRATION: Begins Tuesday, December 26. Classes are limited to 6 students per session.
FOR MORE INFO: Call Rowena Morales or Jenelle Garrido at 475-4754 or 300-9296.

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