February 23, 2018

Hagatna – Despite the ongoing fiscal crisis, Senator Joe San Agustin proposed referring the Governor’s bill back to committee today. The bill addresses millions in lost revenue and fully funding GMH.  
There is a call to action for leadership and the Senator is proposing to stick his head in the sand. 
The issue of furlough notices are imminent if nothing of substance is passed by the Legislature in session. 
“Senator San Agustin has been hired twice by this Administration when he needed employment as a result of his loss in previous elections, he, of all people, should know the gravity of the situation having worked at the Dept. of Rev and Tax, and the personal consequence of being unemployed”, said Governor Calvo.  
The Governor is willing to bring the whole team down to the Legislature so they can address the urgent issue now – and as a matter of fact, they are all in the public hearing room.
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