If Senators are so worried about current Title 9 procedures at Guam Department of Education why have they not held an oversight hearing for those who are currently on the board?
Mark Mendiola was recently appointed by Governor Calvo to fill the vacancy on the Guam Education Board as the parent representative. His nomination hearing is taking place right now at the Guam Legislature before the Education Committee.
Vice Speaker BJ Cruz, Senator Nerissa Underwood and Senator Mary Torres are grilling Mark Mendiola about Title 9 processes that they said should have been in place at the Guam Department of Education.
The Governor shares his reaction:
“These senators are grilling the wrong person. If they were so worried about what’s going on at Guam DOE and the firing of Jon Fernandez then they should have called an oversight hearing of the current board when I told them to.”
“I nominated Mark Mendiola and Ron McNinch to help fix the mess that Senators refuse to fix.”

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