March 26, 2018
Hagåtña — The Guam Police Department’s computer circuit billing has been reduced from more than $480,000 to $264,00 – a savings of more than 218,000 a year.
Office of Technology administrator Frank Lujan said the change is one of many they are looking at across Government of Guam agencies to create a streamlined and more efficient system.
“We did an audit of the computer circuits at the Guam Police Department and found that there were some inefficiencies,” Lujan stated. “We were able to go in and make some changes, which included some discussion with the provider GTA. Fortunately, we were able to reduce their annual cost by about half.”
Police Chief JI Cruz said GPD will be able to apply those savings to other areas.
“These are the types of savings that will help us in the long run as an agency to stretch our resources and improve cost-efficiency of tax payers’ dollars while also improving our own capabilities,” Chief Cruz stated.
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