Bill only highlights failure to appropriate adequate funding for Retirees’ Medical, Dental and Life Insurance
Hagåtña — Since this summer the administration has warned the Vice Speaker of the potential problem caused by the shortage of $13.8 million in appropriation for Retirees’ Medical, Dental and Life Insurance.
The Legislature did not appropriate funds to address this critical need. Instead, in August, with only one month left in the fiscal year, Vice Speaker Cruz authorized the Governor to transfer $10 million the Fiscal Year 2017 Budget Act.
By this time, almost all of the appropriations had been committed or expended. The transfer authority did not apply to departments that were exempted from any transfers out of their budget, which includes, Guam Department of Education, the Legislature and the Judiciary.
This “fix” by Vice Speaker Cruz does nothing other than place the responsibility on the Governor to come up with a true solution to funding of Retirees’ Medical, Dental and Life Insurance.

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