March 14, 2018

Hagåtña – Vice Speaker Therese Terlaje doesn’t believe the crisis is real.

The negative outlook announced by Moody’s today, the credit watch Guam has been placed on by S&P, the furlough process that has been started, a near payless payday, a late payday for Guam Memorial Hospital all aren’t enough to convince the Vice Speaker that this is a dire situation.

She has acknowledged that the government is in a fiscal crisis and didn’t understand that it equates to as a cash crisis — in spite of numerous explanations from various members of the fiscal team over several years.

This from a leader, who ignored federal law by ignoring a call to session, which is the Governor’s Organic Act authority.

Sen. San Agustin and Sen. Esteves reminded the Vice Speaker that the Legislature’s Organic Act authority is to appropriate the budget and pass laws.

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