Aug. 30, 2018
This was such a great opportunity for me to learn the basics of the different trades within the construction industry. I have a passion for carpentry and in addition to the knowledge and skills that I take away with me … I also feel more confident that I can do something more for myself using this skill. I also feel more comfortable as a woman in this industry, which is predominantly male. I enjoy doing this type of work and I look forward to working with other companies in the near future!
—   Savannah Isabel Tigil, Guam Community College Construction Bootcamp graduate
Hagåtña — The Governor today lauded local companies and members of the National Women in Construction to continue their efforts to build a local pool of skilled workers.  He pointed out Savannah Tigil, one of two women who recently completed a Construction Bootcamp with the Guam Community College.
“It’s great to see young people take advantage of these opportunities and grow themselves. I’m excited to see what they will contribute once they’ve completed their training,” the Governor said at this morning’s NAWIC conference.
The Governor also pointed out Fu’una Rising, a cooperative program between NAWIC, Department of Corrections and Department of Labor.  It helps incarcerated women who have made some bad decisions but now are paying their debt to society.
“More than that, they are putting an effort into gaining new skills and building a positive life,” Governor Calvo stated. “First Lady Christine Calvo is the honorary advisor and I think outside of her work with foster children, she is definitely excited about this program.”
The Guam DOL Registered Apprenticeship Program and its American Job Center’s Earn & Learn Construction Program, GCC’s Bootcamp, and Fu’una Rising are part of a larger effort to build our local pool of skilled workers to assist with the military buildup, and beyond.
Additionally, Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio and former Sen. Tony Ada — whom were tasked to find possibilities for free secondary education — procured federal funding that will help pay about $5,000 in tuition for more than 100 students at the Trades Academy, specifically for this industry. This will help all of these young men and women gain a path to a good paying job, a better future, and participate in a Guam buildup.
Guam has more than 5,000 Guamanians in the construction workforce who have literally helped to build this island. 
The industry and the community as a whole must work together to continue supporting these and more opportunities for Guamanians.
“Development of a  U.S. resident workforce is vital to Guam’s sustainability and to construction and it’s associated industries,” stated Guam Department of Labor Director Sam Mabini.  “There are great career opportunities on the horizon and many are available within the construction field — for men and women — whether in administration, accounting, project management or construction site. Construction will continue to be a key driver in Guam’s economy, especially with the huge increase expected starting in 2019 and peaking in 2022 where we expect to need more than 10,000 workers for the industry.”

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