Håfa Adai!

At this time, there are 14 COVID admissions within our hospitals. With only one receiving ICU level of care, the remainder are not as severe.

Today, we are tracking 422 new positive cases. The rate of spread continues to be high and the severity of illness remains mild.

Our focus remains on preventing severe illness, preventing increased hospitalization, and saving lives. Our Public Health interventions and protective measures remain effective and as such, I am not announcing any new restrictions at this time.

I am asking everyone to stay the course and this is how we do it. 

We know that community testing helps us quickly identify new COVID cases, so we can isolate the virus. Please get tested.

To improve our capability, we have expanded testing to 6 days a week, 6 hours a day, and with an appointment-based system that ensures operations remain efficient and test results are delivered at a much faster rate.

We know that vaccines and boosters are effective at preventing severe illness, hospitalizations, and death. Please, go get vaccinated and go get boosted.

To expand access and availability, we have added vaccination and booster clinics at 6 schools, in addition to clinics widely available at the University of Guam, Public Health community centers, and private providers.

We know that monoclonal antibody treatments help people recover faster and prevent hospitalization. If you are positive and have symptoms, please, go get treated.

Nothing is more important than saving lives and as your governor, I will do whatever is necessary to protect our loved ones. 

Again, go get tested, go get vaccinated and boosted, and get monoclonal antibody treatment if you are positive. 

Wash your hands, wear your mask and watch your distance.


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