Governor Calvo had the profound honor of joining the people of Malesso in commemorating the massacres at Tinta and Faha 70 years ago. Identified by Japanese soldiers as potential rebels, 46 Chamorros from Malesso marched unknowingly to their deaths on July 15 and 16 in 1944. Fourteen men and women who were part of the Tinta Cave Massacre survived. There were no survivors of the Faha Cave Massacre. We list all their names below. After learning of this atrocity, villagers rebelled against their captors and freed themselves from Japanese occupation days before Guam’s liberation through American forces.
A memorial mass and service was held at San Dimas Catholic Church last night. Here are some pictures from the service. You can see more pictures on the Governor’s Facebook page, Eddie Baza Calvo.
Consul General of Japan Hisatsugu Shimizu, left and Gov. Eddie Baza Calvo bow their head during a prayer at the 2014 Annual Malesso Tinta & Faha Massacre Victims Memorial Service last night.
People killed at Tinta Cave during World War II, July 15, 1944
Acfalle, Fausto Chargualaf
Acfalle, Vicente Reyes
Aguigui, Felis Tyquiengco
Babauta, Juan Cruz
Baza, Maria Baza
Baza, Rosa Tiajeron
Champaco, Vicente Acfalle
Charfauros, Arthur Benedict Lujan
Cruz, Ramon Padilla
Garrido, Jesus
Garrido, Ramon Garrido
Lujan, Juan Espinosa
Manalisay, Prudencio Acfalle
Meno, Jose Meno
Mesa, Maria Lukban
Quitugua, Pedro Charguane

Gov. Eddie Calvo joined about 50 residents at last night’s service at San Dimas Church in Malesso for a service honoring the victims of World War II massacre at Tinta and Faha caves in Malesso.
“This time of the year brings our island family together to celebrate the anniversary of Guam’s liberation — of our community’s freedom.  But we must never forget the price that was paid, not just by our liberators, but by those who survived.  They endured immense pain and immeasurable torture.  Through faith they rebuilt their lives.  Through their courage, we survive and prosper today.”    — Governor Eddie Baza Calvo

Survivors of the Tinta Cave Massacre during World War II
Acfalle, Jose B.
Anderson, Francisco G.
Anderson, Jesus C.
Barcinas, Joaquin C.
Charfauros, Manuel T.
Concepcion, Joaquina E.
Cruz, Felipe S.
Cruz, Tomas E.
Garrido, Ramon C.
Leon Guerrero, Jose G.
San Nicolas, Juan C.
Santos, Luisa Baza
Soriano, Ignacio M.
Tajalle, Tomas T.
Gov. Eddie Calvo joined about 50 residents at last night’s service at San Dimas Church in Malesso for a service honoring the victims of World War II massacre at Tinta and Faha caves in Malesso.
“It’s said that those taken to the caves at Tinta and Faha were among the strongest and most influential.” the governor stated. “The massacre sparked a rebellion of villagers so strong that they were able to liberate themselves from the enemy’s stronghold even before the American liberators arrived. Their strength inspired the courage of a people that even weapons could not put down.” – Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
People killed at Faha Cave during World War II, July 16, 1944
Acfalle, Juan Champaco
Acfalle, Miguel Manalisay
Aguon, Pedro Chargualaf
Barcinas, Jose Tyquiengco
Champaco, Jose Eguiguan
Chargualaf, Cresencio Meno
Cruz, Antonio Cruz
Cruz, Cristobal Leon Guerrero
Cruz, Joaquin Reyes
Cruz, Jose Cruz
Espinosa, Jose Tyquiengco
Fegurgur, Antonio Champaco
Garrido, Ignacio Chargualaf
Garrido, Tomas Sablan
Garrido, Vicente Chargualaf
Guzman, Juan Concepcion
Manibusan, Jose Manibusan
Mansapit, Jesus Maguadog
Mansapit, Santiago Naputi
Mata, Vicente Manalisay
Meno, Dometro Quinene
Meno, Filipe Meno
Meno, Pedro Chargualaf
Quidagua, Jose Charguane
Quidagua, Vicente Charguane
Quinene, Vicente Reyes
Taijeron, Antonio Soriano
Taijeron, Juan Soriano
Topasna, Juan Inocencio
Tyquiengco, Francisco Babauta

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