The Media of

The Office of the Governor

Take a look at some of our events through the Media of the Office of the Governor.


There are seven (7) members of the Interagency Council: 

  • Chair: Lieutenant Governor of Guam - The Honorable Joshua F. Tenorio

  • Vice-Chair: Designated by President of the Mayor’s Council of Guam- Mayor Robert Hofmann 

  • Executive Director of the Guam housing and Urban Renewal Authority, Liz Napoli

  • President of the Guam Housing Corporation, Edith Pangelinan  

  • Executive Manager of the Guam Regional Transit Authority, Richard Ybanez 

  • Community member appointed by the governor- Samantha Taitano- President, Guam Homeless Coalition 

  • Community member appointed by the governor, Dr. Margaret Hattori Uchima


Subcommittees (and leads): 

  • Policy - Lieutenant Governor Joshua F. Tenorio 

  • Transportation -GRTA Executive Director Richard Ybanez

  • Housing - GHURA and Guam Housing Corp Executive Directors Liz Napoli and Edith Pangelinan 

  • Community Outreach and Case Management - Mayor Robert Hofmann and Dr. Margaret Hattori-Uchima 

  • Resource Management - Guam Homeless Coalition (Samantha Taitano) and OHAPP (Rob San Agustin)

  • Special Committee (ARP benefit programs)- Dept of Administration Deputy Director Bernie Gines

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