FOIA Responses

This page is dedicated to the Office of the Governor’s FOIA Responses. Responses to the COVID-19 health emergency FOIA requests are flagged (*) in the column titled “COVID-19 Health Emergency FOIA”.

FOIA Response (File Download)COVID-19 Health Emergency FOIARequested ByFOIA DescriptionRequest DateResponse Date
GPD Internal Affairs InfoJoseph Taitano IIGPD Internal Affairs Info2/27/20243/5/2024
5 GCA Chapter 10Joseph Guthrie5 GCA Chapter 102/5/20242/9/2024
Bank FOIAHaidee Gilbert Bank FOIA2/1/20242/9/2024
Information Pertaining to DOD and Medical ComplexSenator Therese TerlajeInformation Pertaining to DOD and Medical Complex10/25/202311/14/2023
Asset Inventory Documents and Related RecordsSenator Frank Blas Jr.Asset Inventory Documents and Related Records9/11/20239/25/2023
Pardon Information RequestHaidee GilbertGovernor's Pardon Information Request7/23/20238/1/2023
Typhoon Response and Recovery SpendingSenator Chris BarnettTyphoon Mawar Spending on Response and Recovery7/11/20237/17/2023
Contracts RequestTroy TorresContracts Request6/26/20236/30/2023
Additional Request for Adrian CruzTroy TorresAdditional Request for Info Pertaining to Adrian Cruz6/28/20237/5/2023
Records Pertaining to Adrian CruzTroy TorresRecords Pertaining to Adrian Cruz6/22/20236/28/2023
GHS/OCD InformationTroy TorresRequest for Information Regarding GHS/OCD5/22/20235/26/2023
Request for Public RecordsGrant OlanRequest for Public Records4/17/20235/1/2023
Travel Records Troy TorresTravel Records4/12/20234/19/23
GG1 FOIATroy TorresGG1 Requests4/18/20234/24/2023
Office of the Governor Capital Improvement ProjectChris BarnettOffice of the Governor Capital Improvement Project 3/16/20234/02/2023
Eagles Field Survey & Legal DescriptionSenator Thomas FisherEagles Field Survey & Legal Description3/16/20233/22/2023
Eagles Field Lesse Development PlanSenator Thomas FisherEagles Field Lesse Development Plan3/16/20233/22/2023
Eagles Field Rent ScheduleSenator Thomas FisherEagles Field Rent Schedule3/16/20233/22/2023
Eagles Field Environmental Condition of Property - Executive SummarySenator Thomas FisherEagles Field Environmental Condition of Property - Executive Summary3/16/20233/22/2023
Eagles Field Joint Inspection & InventorySenator Thomas FisherEagles Field Joint Inspection & Inventory3/16/20233/22/2023
Eagles Field Eagles Field Memorandum of Agreement Senator Thomas FisherEagles Field Eagles Field Memorandum of Agreement 3/16/20233/22/2023
Eagles Field Evidentiary Documents related to FinancingSenator Thomas FisherEagles Field Evidentiary Documents related to Financing3/16/20233/22/2023
Eagles Field Outlease No. N40192-23-RP-00002,Senator Thomas FisherEagles Field Outlease No. N40192-23-RP-00002,3/16/20233/22/2023
ACCT 028020023 LABOR COST_RedactedSenator Frank Blas, Jr. State of Emergency
Procurement Documents
Force Account Labor Report All AgenciesSenator Frank Blas, Jr. State of Emergency
Procurement Documents
02232023_BlasSenator Frank Blas, Jr. Emergency Procurement Documents2/22/20232/28/2023
011323_DanielLGDaniel Leon Guerrero- Guam Civil Service CommissionCDLO Staffing Pattern 1/09/20231/11/2023
111422_TerlajeSpeaker Therese Terlajelicenses and leases federal government property11/7/202211/14/2022
11072022_NolteMary NolteBoard of Medical Examiners10/31/202211/7/2022
20221019_TorresTroy TorresIglesia Ni Cristo10/18/202210/24/2022
09232022_LeonGuerreroKen Leon GuerreroGuam Memorial Hospital9/19/20229/23/2022
09142022_KlitzkyRobert KlitzkieBWA 9/8/20229/14/2022
07292022_MoylanSenator James MoylanAdvertising7/25/20227/29/2022
20220719_OconnorJohn O'ConnorEmailsJuly 14, 2022July 19, 2022
7422_KlitzkieRobert KlitzkieBWA Documents7/4/20227/11/2022
07112022_KlitzkieRobert KlitzkieBWA Documents7/4/20227/11/2022
06102022_spkrTerlajeSpeaker Therese TerlajeEagles Field6/2/20226/10/2022
06082022_LorettaGuerreroLoretta GuerreroChamorro Land Trust6/2/20226/8/2022
0606162022_KlitzkyRobert Klitzkiepublic records which reflect government funds expended to send M. Bevacqua to UN seminar 6/12/20226/16/2022
20220328 FOIA Response Guam Freedom *Guam Freedom CoalitionVital Stats records of Deaths on Guam with Cause for 2019; 2020; 2021. 3/22/20223/28/2022
20220316_TerlajeAttorney Jacqueline TerlajeGrant applicaiton for US Dept. of Interior Grant Award No. D20Ap000483/10/20223/16/2022
02022022_Barnett*Chris BarnettDocuments relative to communications, contracts, invoices, POs and procurement documents between Dr. Nathaniel Berg and/or Guam Radiology Consultants and DPHSS and Office of the Governor1/27/20222/2/2022
20220104-RazzanoJoseph RozzanoRecords for procurement of commemorative pins12/28/20211/4/2022
20211210_MoylanSen James MoylanDocuments associated with advertising by the government of Guam in Fiscal Year 202212/05/202112/20/2021
20211210_MoylanSen. James MoylanDocuments associated with hiring of a Program Specialist for the POST Commission12/05/202112/10/2021
20211210_MoylanSen. James MoylanLEAP Program Documents12/5/202112/10/2021
12062021_SeauSandra SeauRecords re: to travel expenses for DC trip, itineraries, and cost for personalized styrofoam cups11/30/202112/06/2021
11232021_BarnettChris BarnettDocuments pertaining to Governor's Trip to NYC and Washington DC11/19/202111/23/2021
11242021_TorresTroy TorresLetter to Secretary Braithwaite11/19/202111/24/2021
10282021_KlitzkieRobert KlitzkieRecords Related to Decolonization 101: The Quest For Self Governance film10/22/2021`10/28/2021
10252021_TorresTroy TorresLand10/19/202110/25/2021
20211019_BarnettChris Barnett- KUAM NewsEagles Field Documents10/13/202110/14/2021
10112021_KenLGKen Leon GuerreroTravel Docs10/11/202110/14/2021
08312021_SenJamesMoylanSenator James MoylanExec Security8/31/20219/7/2021
08252021_DailyPostGuam Daily PostGolf Carts and Other Vehicle Purchases Using Federal Funds8/25/20218/31/2021
08182021_Troy TorresTroy TorresGPD Records8/18/20218/24/2021
08102021 SEAU FOIA Sandra Reyes SeauRecords related to travel8/10/20218/13/2021
08/13/2021_SenatorJamesMoylan_Gov.pdf Senator James MoylanARP Spending Plans8/9/20218/13/2021
06302021_GuamDailyPost_Gov.pdf *John O' Connor - Guam Daily PostFor any input or comments that the government of Guam submitted on the interim final rules of the Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Fund and the Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Fund established under the American Rescue Plan Act, which comment period expired on July 16, 2021.6/26/20216/30/2021
06232021_Webber_Gov.pdf*Lee WebberRecords Related to Vax N' Win Program winner selection6/23/20216/29/2021
06022021_Barnett_Gov.pdfChris Malafunkshun Barnett - KUAMCommunications between Agencies and the Governor's Office regarding request from American Rescue Plan Funds6/2/20216/8/2021
05042021_KlizkieRobert KlitzkieResponse to Robert Klitzkie comments re: 4/12/21 FOIA response5/4/20215/10/2021
05032021_Klitzkie_Gov1Robert KlitzkiePublic records consisting of any correspondence in whatever form between you and any Department of Defense official or employee dealing with your release or non-release of information relative to human remains on Camp Blaz pursuant to 54 USC § 307103 (a.)4/27/20215/3/2021
04222021_Gov_1_Klitzkie.pdfRobert Klitzkie1. The letter from Protehi Litekyan referred to in the Post article set out below.

2. The attachments to that letter. The letter was published with the Post article.
04162021_Gov_1_Klitzkie.pdfRobert KlitzkiePublic records dealing with the federal agency and land at the former NAS as referenced in the PNC article by Julianne Hernandez of April 94/12/20214/16/2021
03052021_Gov_1_Kuam.Chris Malafunkshun Barnett - KUAMRecords related to the expenditures of the Washington Liaison Office3/5/20213/11/2021
03022021_Gov_1_KuamChris Malafunkshun Barnett - KUAMRecords relating to Ethics Training of Cabinet3/2/20213/4/2021
04072020_Gov_2_Klitzke.pdf*Billy MoseleyRecords related to pandemic response measures and public health guidance2/26/20213/12/2021
02162021_Gov_1_Vanderveld.pdfAttorney VandeveldRecords of August 2017 Meeting with DOC Director, DOC Captain and Office of the Governor2/16/20212/19/2021
01292021_Gov_1_LeeWeber.pdfLee WeberCommunications between BWA, or Office of the Governor with Dr Kaneshiro, Dr Raidoo, ACLU1/29/20212/18/2021
11252020_Gov_RazannoGuam Federation of Teachers - Joseph RazzanoRecords related to deposit account used for CARES Act funds11/25/202012/2/2020
11192020_GOV_1_Razanno.pdfGuam Federation of Teachers - Joseph RazzanoCheck or equivalent instrument such as a bank statement identifying the funds
were deposited into a government of Guam account – demonstrating the funds were
received by Guam
10222020_Gov_1_GFT*Guam Federation of Teachers - Joseph RazzanoCovid 19 Pandemic Recovery Office and Transaction Documents from the Treasury10/22/202010/28/2020
09222020_JoeSA_Gov_1Sen Joe San AgustinInformation related to the expenditures from FY 19 Revenue that was in excess of the appropriated level.9/22/20209/28/2020
Request With Response Part 1 10/6

Response Part 2 10/12

Response Part 3 10/16
*Accountable USCorrespondence between Guam Governor’s Office Officials and Guam DHS, Guam DPHSS, US Navy, US DHHS, US CDC, White House, FEMA involving the use of keywords relating to Covid-19 and it's response.9/19/2020Pt1 10/06/20, Pt 2 10/12/20, Pt 3 10/16/20
09302020_BenAbrams_Gov_1Benjamin M. AbramsRecords related to the Retention of Terence E. Timblin as Legal Counsel for David Highsmith and G. Patrick Civille as Legal Counsel for M. Thomas Nadeau, Rosanna Rabago and James Gillan in Joseph v. Abrams, et al., Case #1:14 cv‐00005 (District Court of Guam) and Other Documents relating to Benjamin M. Abrams.9/14/20209/30/2020
08242020_GOV_1_VigilanceLee WeberRecords relating to the Physicians Advisory Council8/24/20208/28/2020
070320_Gov_SenatorMoylan__1.pdfSenator MoylanCARES Act Expenditures7/3/20207/10/2020
060252020_Gov_1_KUAM.pdfChris Malafunkshun Barnett - KUAMEmails between Haig Huynh, Sophia Diaz, Claudia Acfalle and Edward Birn from March 14, 2020 to current6/25/20207/10/2020
06102020_Gov_01_KuamChris Malafunkshun Barnett - KUAMrelative to spending on social media accounts by the Office of the Governor of Guam during the Leon Guerrero Tenorio administration6/10/20206/15/2020
05292020_Gov_1_Flores06042020.pdfKirstie FloresJanela Carrera's timesheets from August 1, 2019 to May 1, 2020. 5/29/20206/4/2020
05292020_Gov_2_Torres06042020.pdfTroy Torres - Kandit Newsdigital copies via email reply here of any and all correspondence between you and Janela Carrera and between you and Vanessa Williams, and between Janela Carrera and Vanessa Williams where you have been copied, for the period between May 1, 2020 and May 29, 2020. Furthermore, pursuant to the FOIA, I hereby request the digital record of your WhatsApp messages with Janela Carrera between May 1, 2020 through May 29, 2020.5/29/20206/4/2020
05292020_Gov_3_Perez06042020.pdfJoheen PerezJanela Carrera's timesheets from August 1, 2019 to May 1, 2020. 5/29/20206/4/2020
05292020_Gov_4_Lustico06042020.pdfJerald LusticoJanela Carrera's timesheets from August 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020. 5/29/20206/4/2020
05292020_Gov_5_Baumgartner06042020.pdfClarissa BaumgartnerJanela Carrera's timesheets from August 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020. 5/29/20206/4/2020
05292020_Gov_6_Kandit06042020.pdfTroy Torres - Kandit Newsdigital copies via reply here of Haig Huynh's time sheets from January 9, 2019 through March 31, 20205/29/20206/4/2020
05282020_Gov_1_Benavente06042020.pdfJohn BenaventeJanela Carrera's timesheets from August 1, 2019 to May 1, 2020. 5/28/20206/4/2020
05282020_Gov_2_Kandit06042020.pdfTroy Torres - Kandit NewsJanela Carrera's timesheets and requests for leave (annual, sick, administrative, compensatory time, and leave without pay) for the periods covering August 1, 2019 through March 31, 2020. 5/28/20206/4/2020
05182020_Gov__1_Kandit.pdf*Troy Torres - Kandit NewsCommunications between June Borja and Haig Hyunh regarding the quarantine and/or isolation programs at hotels and any wrap around services for the facilities.5/18/20205/22/2020
05182020_Gov_2_Kandit.pdf*Troy Torres - Kandit NewsCommunications between Laurie Tumaneng and Haig Huynh the quarantine and/or isolation programs at hotels and any wrap around services for the facilities5/18/20205/22/2020
05182020_Gov_3_Kandit.pdf*Troy Torres - Kandit NewsCommunications regarding the digital signature of Linda DeNorcey, Director of Public Health and Social Services5/18/20205/22/2020
05182020_Gov_4_Kandit.pdf*Troy Torres - Kandit NewsCommunications between Laurie Tumaneng and Haig Huynh discussing or involving the digital signature of Linda DeNorcey5/18/20205/22/2020
05152020_Gov_1_Post.pdfOyal - Guam PostRecords related to the homeless shelter project5/15/20205/20/2020
05142020_Gov__1_KUAMRequest.pdf*Chris Malafunkshun Barnett - KUAMCommunications between June Borja and Haig Hyunh regarding the quarantine and/or isolation programs at hotels and any wrap around services for the facilities.5/14/20205/21/2020
05132020_Gov_1_tnelson.pdf*Senator NelsonRecords related to transiting passengers traveling for medical reasons5/13/20205/19/2020
05132020_Gov__1_Kandit.pdfTroy TorresCommunications with the Department of Corrections; photos of Governor Leon Guerrero feeding the hungry?5/13/20205/19/2020
05112020_Gov_1_Moylan.pdf*Senator MoylanRecords related to COVID-19 premium pay, quarantine facilities (QFAC), and the hiring of a deputy director at the Department of Integrated Services for Individuals with Disabilities5/9/20205/15/2020
05062020_Gov_1_Kuam*Chris Malafunkshun Barnett - KUAMCorrespondence and records relating to Food Services5/6/20205/12/2020
05072020_Gov_1_KUAM.pdf*Chris Malafunkshun Barnett - KUAMRecords relating to payments to QFAC5/6/20205/12/2020
05042020_Gov_2_Kuam*Chris Malafunkshun Barnett - KUAMCorrespondence between the Pacific Star and GovGuam5/4/20205/8/2020
05052020_Gov_1_GuamPost*John O'Connor - Guam PostAny documents related to a COVID-19 IP time sheet.5/4/20205/11/2020
05032020_Gov_1_GuamPost.pdf*John O'Connor - Guam PostQuarantine Hotel Selection Records5/3/20205/8/2020
05032020_Gov_1_KLG.pdf*Ken Leon GuerreroQuotes, Invoice, and/or Checks or Expenditure Reports on the Safe Haven Project at Paseo Ball Stadium5/3/20205/8/2020
05032020_Gov_3_KLG.pdf*Ken Leon GuerreroRoom assignment/registrations, and/or the list of Government of Guam Employees who stayed at, or were assigned to quarantine hotels5/3/20205/8/2020
05032020_Gov_2_KLG.pdf*Ken Leon GuerreroWritten Justification For Quarantine Service Emergency Contract Awards assigned to quarantine hotels and services5/3/20205/8/2020
04292020_GOV_1_VigilanceCommittee.pdf*Michelle Armenta - Vigilance CommitteeRecords related to boards and commissions4/29/20204/30/2020
04292020_Gov_1_Jasmine-Stole-Weiss.pdf*Jasmine Stole Weiss - PDNCommunications regarding quarantine of residents and travelers4/29/20205/5/2020
04282020_Gov_1_GuamPost.pdf*John O'Connor - Guam PostContracts and agreements for hotels, medical facilities and hospitals for COVID-19 Response4/28/20205/5/2020
04242020_Gov_1_RomeoCarlos.pdf*Romeo CarlosDocuments and Communications related to procurement contracts, specifically related to Guam?s 2020 public health emergency, pursuant to Executive Order 2020-034/24/2020April 30, 2020 and May 11, 2020
04212020_GOV_TroyTorres*Troy Torres - Kandit NewsRecords pertaining to the use of hotels and/or hotel rooms for quarantine during the COVID-19 public health emergency4/21/20205/7/2020
04202020_Gov_1_TroyTorres.pdf*Troy Torres - Kandit NewsProcurement Records related to Mandatory Quarantine and Temp Hospital4/20/20204/24/2020
04152020_Gov_1_CourtneyMabeus.pdf*Courtney MabeusRecords related to the USS Theodore Roosevelt stay on Guam4/15/20205/1/2020
04122020_Gov_1_Klitzke.pdf*Robert KlitzkieAssignment and Salaries of Gov's Office Personnel and GPD Officers4/12/20204/17/2020
04122020_Gov_2_Klitzke.pdf*Robert KlitzkieRecords Related to Road Closures4/12/20204/17/2020
04072020_Gov_1_Klitzke.pdf*Robert KlitzkiePersonnel Rules and Regs4/7/20204/18/2020 and 5/5/2020
04072020_Gov_2_Klitzke.pdf*Robert KlitzkieRecords related to differential pay4/7/20204/18/2020
03252020_GOV_1_VigilanceCommittee.pdf*Michelle Armenta - Vigilance CommitteeOpen Gov Law Suspension3/25/20203/31/2020
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