Hafa Adai,

Governor Eddie Baza Calvo continued his weekly briefing series on the administration’s efforts to combat poverty and provide services to Guam’s most vulnerable families.  This week’s highlights include the upcoming “Sustainable Garden Project” which is a result of the recent Non-Communicable Disease Consortium, the increased number of grass fire responses from GFD and the announcement of the Affordable Housing Symposium to be held on June 19th and 20th at the Hyatt Regency Guam.

You can watch the full briefing he gave at 5:30 p.m. today on PBS Channel 12. We are grateful to PBS for recording the briefing and broadcasting it for the benefit of those who are unable to attend these briefings and are interested in knowing what’s going on in the government.

This report also is pasted below for your perusal.
Welfare & Social Services:
1.  Department of Public Health and Social Services
            a.  Division of Public Welfare
Numbers as of April 16, 2012:
                                                            As of April 6                           As of April 13                   Increase

Total SNAP Benefits Issued




Total No. of families under SNAP




Total No. of individuals under SNAP




Total No. of families on Medicaid




Total No. of individuals on Medicaid




Total Disbursements for Medicaid and MIP




*Note:  all information provided denotes weekly changes in these categories as provided by DPHSS.
            b.  $1.666 M claims billings for medical assistance processed
c.  $24,566  –  over-the-counter SNAP benefits — federal funds circulating in local economy
d.  No direct payments issued
e.  99 Quest Cards issued; 36 (new or reopened), 63 replacements
f.  Total clients seen for new and re-open applications:                        141
g.  Total clients seen for renewal of program assistance:                        381
2.  Bureau of Community Health Services, Guam Office of Minority Health
            a.  Training Held: “Building Leadership Skills:  Guam Non-Communicable Disease             Consortium.”  GOMH co-sponsored training with Office of Minority Health Resource Center             representatives from Washington, D.C. to strengthen efforts to fight non-communicable             diseases that disproportionately affects lower socio-economic communities.  This training             session was held with 50 participants from both the private and public sector in an effort to
promote a greater awareness about healthier lifestyles as we work toward closing the health
disparity gap.
b.  NCD’s are a major health concern.  The Pacific Island Health Officers Association issued a Regional Health Emergency Declaration based on the impact    and potential devastating
consequences on the poorer, under served and uninsured communities.
            c.  NCD Consortium Initiatives:  to strengthen recently developed plans to address smoking,
alcohol, nutrition, physical activity and obesity.
d.  NCD Consortium Initiatives:
                        i.  Sustainable Community Garden Projects
ii.  Increased physical activity in public schools
iii.  Tobacco/ alcohol-free enforcement policies
iv.  Healthy vending machine legislation
            e.  Mayor’s Council of Guam has officially endorsed the NCD Consortium and will host the             Sustainable Community Garden Project.
f.  Villages will participate in the project and will be help cultivate and maintain the gardem
            g.  NCD Consortium encourages community-wide participation from public and private
Children in Need:
1.  DPHSS — Child Protective Services:
            a.  Total referrals received 28.  This is more than double last week’s total referrals of 12.
However, there were no new removals of children from their families
b.  Reports include allegations of physical abuse, lack of supervision and family violence
c.  Victims are between the ages of five and 16
d.  April is Child Abuse Prevention Month
i. CPS holding various events throughout the community
e.  Senator Yamashita presents legislative certificates to the Social Workers of the Bureau
of Social Services Administration recognizing their efforts to support Guam’s children
2.  DPHSS:  Teen Outreach Clinic at the FIC Building in Dededo every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month
            a.  provides pregnancy testing, family planning services, STD/HIV testing, treatment,             counseling and education
3.  DPHSS:  Foster Care
            a.  New applications for Foster Care Parents:  2
4.  Department of Youth Affairs
            a.  DYA working in collaboration with Southern Guam’s Lion Club to help two families
purchase eye glasses for their children
b.  Working with DPHSS’s Community Work Employment Program, mother’s of clients
received training from DYA staff on work environment situations
c.  UOG personnel under the Guam CEDDARS program work with DYA staff to train parents
on basic life skills
i.  30 students participated in Easter Camp program
ii.  8 parents attended CEDDARS program
iii.  2 adult parents under CWEP program
d.  Teleconferencing Program with Courts:  allows DYA clients to remain at the facility and             appear for court hearings via teleconference
i.  reduces transportation costs by more than $65,000 annually
ii.  reduces need for struggling parents to find transportation to court
e.  DYA has three resource centers:
i.  Agat:  565-5031
ii.  MTM:  477-9577
iii.  Dededo:  653-4392
1.  AHRD: 
            a.  Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) available twice a week from 8 a.m. — 12 p.m. on Monday             and Wednesday at One Stop Career Center
b.  One Stop Career Service outreach available at GCC on Thursdays from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.
c.  Offender Outreach Program meeting with US District Court Probation Office
i. 10-week training program proposal accepted
(more information to be provided in the coming weeks)
d.  Adult Education Program/ Literacy through Diversity Awareness program held on April11             at GCC
e.  168 students completed of Passport-to-Careers SY 2011-2012
i.  participants engaged in paid work experience activity
2.  DPHSS: 
            a.  15 new LATTE Program participants — therapeutic group home for emotionally disturbed             children
b.  8 new participants engaged in allowable work component programs
c.  3 new SNAP applicants participate in Guam Employment and Training program to obtain
work experience and get a start on self-sufficiency
a.  21 job-ready vocational rehabilitation applicants with disabilities will participate in the             upcoming Job Placement Circle on-site recruitment event
b.  local employers have confirmed participation in the JPC scheduled for April 19.
i.  Preparatory workshop was provided to help applicants with resumes, proper work                         attire, interview techniques and employee rights topics
c.  DISID/ AHRD partnering to provide designated VR counselor at the One Stop Career             Center
in HagÃ¥tña on Mondays & Wednesdays from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.
d.  Consumers served:
i.  15 consumers attend VR orientation and presentation of services
ii.  consumers that applied for VR services underwent initial interviews
iii.  consumers eligible for services
iv.  4  consumers developed and completed Individualized Employment Plan
v.  consumer provided training opportunity
Affordable Housing:
a.  Housing Maintenance Apprenticeship Program
                        i.  Partner with USDOL to provide housing maintenance training
ii.  Two year program for seven apprentices at $1600 per apprentice
2.  Department of Land Management
a.  CLTC:  provided services to 16 clients seeking CLTC properties
c.  GALC:  2 deeds signed today
3.  Guam Housing Corporation
            a.  Sagan Linahyan:
                        i.  In addition to the renovation of affordable homes in the area, GHC is partnering
with Community Services Resources, Inc. through a grant program called
the “Nurturing Neighborhood Network — 3N” to provide lifestyle assistance
educational assistance, employment assistance and other community outreach services                        to economically disadvantaged families
b.  4th Guam Affordable Housing Symposium scheduled for June 19 & 20 at the Hyatt             Regency Guam.  This is sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and             partnering with GHC, GHURA, HUD and USDA to address ongoing affordable housing
issues and initiatives.
c.  First Time Homeowner Assistance Program:  created through PL 31-166 — the grant             program provides up to $10,000 for the purpose of buying or building a new home for first
time homeowners.  Numerous inquiries have been made, press release will be issued once the
program is fully implemented.
i.  GHC will be holding a public hearing on the Rules & Regulations of the First
Time Homeowner Assistance Program at the end of April.
ii.  Applications will begin being accepted in May
Health Services:
1.  Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse
a. Clients serviced:
Service                                                            No. of Clients            Discharged            New Admittances

Step Down Home Clients 1
Therapeutic Group Home Clients 6
Children’s Inpatient Unit 2 1 1
Adult Inpatient Services I 5 9 8
Adult Inpatient Services II 8 1

2.  Guam Memorial Hospital  (as of April 5 — April 11)
a.  Babies delivered:                                                  48
b.  Emergency Room Encounters:                         522
c.  Pediatric ER Encounters:                                    156
d.  Surgeries:                                                            55
3.  DPHSS  Dental Program
            a.  DPHSS provides free dental care for patients
b.  Dental staff collaborating with DOE to conduct a dental survey to show prevalence of
dental caries among third graders on Guam
c.  Fluoride varnish is free for children under 5, no appointments are necessary
Dental Program Activity:

April 5 — 11, 2012

Number of Patients





0-17 yrs.






Fluoride Varnish






4.  DPHSS:  Bureau of Family Health and Nursing Services
            a.  Central Regional Health Clinic Services
Category                                                                        Clients/ Encounters

Communicable Disease:  TB MD Clinics


Communicable Disease:  Nurse Clinics


Communicable Disease:  STD Walk-in Clinics


Women’s Health


Child Health:  Well Baby


Pregnancy Tests:  Nurse Clinics


b.  Island-wide Community Health Nursing Services (District Nurses)
Category                                                                        Clients/ Encounters

Office/ Clinic Visits




School Visits


c.  Immunization Clinics/ Outreach
Category                                                  Encounters                                    Vaccinations

Immunization Walk-in Clinic (Mon. & Wed.)



MCH Clinics



District Nursing Clinics



Immunization Outreaches (WIC)



d.  Project Karinu
Category                                                                        Clients/ Encounters

Home Visits


Mental Health Specialist Visits


Referrals Received


5.  GFD:  emergency personnel responded to the following:
            a.  165 Medical/ Sick alarms
b.  43 injured alarms
c.  8 expectant mother alarms
d.  13 auto accident alarms
e.  4 CPR alarms
f.  55 grass fire alarms
g.  20 business license inspection
h.  7 Occupancy Inspections
Drug rehabilitation:
1. Police:  Officers arrest 1 individual for drug possession
2. Mental Health: 
            a.  New Beginnings
i.  275 clients
ii.   8 new admittances
iii.   2 discharges                                    
3.  DPHSS:  Controlled Substances Program
            a.  Drug Diversion Program completed 1 investigation and follow up report completed
b.  CSP and Guam Prescription Monitoring Program participating in “National Prescription
Drug Take-Back Campaign Initiative” to promote proper disposal of unused, unwanted and
expired medications to prevent misuse and abuse.
Campaign Scheduled for April 28 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the following locations:
                        –  Agana Shopping Center
                        –  Micronesia Mall
                        –  Andersen Air Force Base Exchange
                        –  Naval Base Guam Exchange
Justice and Crime Prevention
1.  Police arrests:
Arrest                                    Amt.                        Arrest                                                Amt.

DUI 14 Arrest Warrants 5
Disorderly Conduct 11 Assault 3
Thefts 2 Family Violence 15
Child Abuse 2 Criminal Sexual Complaint. 3
Burglary 1 Criminal Mischief 1
Terrorizing 3 Controlled Substance 1
Reckless Driving 2 Open Container 1
Stolen Vehicle 1 Retail Thefts 2
Custodial Interference 1 Jurisdiction Over an Adult 1
Drinking in Vehicle 1 Fraudulent Use of a License Plate 1
Aggravated Assault 1 Driving Without License 1

2.  GPD Services/ Cost Cutting Measures
            a.  Volunteers from Volunteer Services Command working with officials to help reduce             overtime
Helping People in Need:
1.  Community Affairs, Office of the Governor:
            a. Constituent is having financial problems due to medical related expenses as
as well as raising four children. She was recently diagnosed with leukemia
and her husband is recovering from a heart attack and is using a pace maker
b.  Edward M. Calvo Foundation and Guam Cancer Care were contacted to assist financially
c.  One Stop Career Center and Guam Employment Services were contacted for her husband’s employment

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