Center to provide transportation services
September 5, 2012
Disabled veterans and citizens with disabilities will soon have access to an array of transportation services as the Guam Regional Transit Authority prepares to build and implement the “One Call/ One Click” Transportation Service.  This is a nationally-utilized program that varies from community to community to assist in the transportation needs of disabled citizens.
“Improving the quality of life for all Guamanians means ensuring that everyone has access to the services they need,” Governor Eddie Baza Calvo said.  “Whether it’s paying tax refunds on time or making sure transportation services are available to help disabled veterans get to their medical appointments on time, it’s all part of the administration’s collective mission to improve government services.”
The Guam Regional Transit Authority secured the grant this week and is expected to move forward with the construction of the Department of Integrated Services for Individuals with Disabilities Community Resource Center, which will permanently house the “One Call/ One Click” center. The center also will serve as a bus transportation site for consumers.
The $1.3 million grant is being matched through $261,000 made available through GRTA.
“This project sets an important example of inter-agency collaboration.  Here you have GRTA working hand-in-hand with DISID to make sure the needs of our most vulnerable citizens are met,” Governor Calvo said.  “They’re pooling their resources and finding creative ways to get things done.”
Contact Natalie Quinata at 475-9309 or 488-6013 for more information.
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