Guam State Clearinghouse Begins Optimistic Dialogue with Community Stakeholders
Meeting opens lines of communication among non-profit, non-governmental and government agencies; ideas expressed for improved services
Immediate Release: January 14, 2011
Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio this morning gathered community stakeholders and government agencies in a meeting to share their ideas and concerns about ways to improve the grant acquisition process for Guam.
“We need to be as aggressive as possible in obtaining federal grant monies, especially at this critical juncture in our government’s finances. The Guam State Clearinghouse’s mission is to be your conduit to these services and resources,” Lieutenant Governor Tenorio told participants this morning. “We cannot afford to lose out on funding that may go to help places like Sanctuary, Inc. and the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse who provide much needed services to our island’s most vulnerable citizens.”
Lieutenant Governor Tenorio and Guam State Clearinghouse staff shared their vision to provide a multitude of services not previously provided by the Clearinghouse. From implementing an innovative online content management system that will serve as a one-stop database of resources, information and applications, to providing grant-writing services to entities who do not have grant specialists.
“I don’t want the lack of personnel, data and shared information to be the reason why we can’t apply for grants,” Lieutenant Governor Tenorio said. “We need to be able to share information with one another and create a working relationship among all the people in this room. I have instructed the Guam State Clearinghouse to initiate every possible measure to streamline these operations in a way that secures our ability to apply for the windfall of grant monies that are out there and obtain as much money as we can.”
Some of the issues raised at this morning’s meeting include the government of Guam’s inefficient procurement process, insufficient staff and the lack of statistical data readily accessible for grant writers who often work against deadlines.
“We are opening the lines of communication and we need to hear from our stakeholders about the ways the Clearinghouse can help our government and our community organizations secure their chances for grant funding,” Guam State Clearinghouse Administrator Eric Palacios said.
For more information about upcoming grant services, meetings or to obtain assistance from the Guam State Clearinghouse, please contact Administrator Eric Palacios at 475-9384 or 797-6737.

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