2-1.1.13 DOI Approves Calvo's FY13 Compact Request
“FY2013 Compact Impact funds will help some of our agencies this fiscal year. The total annual funding is really just a portion of the federal government’s yearly obligation under the Compacts, but we appreciate our partnership with U.S. Department of the Interior, nonetheless. The requests we made for FY2013 Compact Impact funds reflect the priorities we had for this fiscal year to cover the needs of our community.” — Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
Pula Approves Calvo’s Request
The hospital will be getting an additional $6 million this year. Police will see $2.87 million more. The U.S. Department of the Interior approved the use of Compact Impact funds for these and three other agencies for Fiscal Year 2013. Governor Calvo made the request last August. U.S. DOI Director of Insular Affairs Nikolao Pula approved the request this week.
POLICE: $2.52M for Public Safety Comm. System & $350K for Police Cars
An initial $2.52 million investment will be made to ensure the islandwide public safety communications system remains operational. This system is on its last leg, and should have been replaced years ago. This is the system that runs and networks all police and other law enforcement radios and radar. ALSO: An additional $350,000 will now be used to purchase badly-needed police cars to augment the existing fleet.
The Governor requested $6M to provide financial assistance to the hospital for payment of medical related outstanding debt. The $6M represents 62% of the $9.7M FY13 requested.
PUBLIC WORKS: $350K to Renovate & Repair School Bus Satellite Facilities
Department of Public Works has seven satellite facilities in deplorable physical condition. This funding will renovate and repair these facilities.
DISID: $200K for Individualized Budget Program
This funding will provide about 100 consumers with individual grants to assist consumers with disabilities to lead more independent lives.
BSP: $300K for Centralized Data Center Project
The Bureau of Statistics and Plans will use $200,000 to create a ‘one-stop’ data clearinghouse. Another $100,000 will be used to image and archive documents, allowing for web-based search and document retrieval.

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