ARRA Funding for Public Schools Begins
Governor signs $2.7 million in contracts
Press Update: February 7, 2011
Governor Eddie Baza Calvo has signed the first ARRA grants contracts for public schools. About $2.7 million now will be drawn down to convert George Washington High School in to a science, technology, engineering and math preparatory school, and to provide long-awaited professional development training to teachers.
“The public school leadership worked very hard to prepare for the ARRA funding with solid plans to improve curriculum in the classrooms,” Governor Calvo said. “We are all very excited to use this funding to improve the schools.”
The Governor, Speaker Judi Won Pat, Superintendent Dr. Nerissa Underwood and several Department of Education leaders joined together in the Governor’s Chambers today to launch the ARRA funding. The Governor signed the last in a series of contracts as the Superintendent explained what this funding means for public schools. Speaker Won Pat, who is the chairwoman of the legislative education committee and an educator herself, spoke about how this funding helps DOE to realize many of the initiatives she and public school leaders have been coordinating together.
“The conversion of GW in to a STEM school helps us to realize a long-time dream of creating an academic pipeline to move students directly from high school classrooms to professional college and career paths,” Speaker Won Pat said. “This is a proud day for Guam, and for educators and students alike. This is what can happen when we all collaborate to make a difference.”
The Superintendent and her team are awaiting the signing of more ARRA funds contracts, which still are under review at the Attorney General’s office.
“There is a lot we can do for our students with that money,” Dr. Underwood said. “It’s been a long time since DOE received resources to implement strategic programs to improve curriculum. We’re so grateful that our leaders are making education the true funding priority.”

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