JIC News Release No. 3
July 11, 2014, 1 p.m.
Here are some tips to help you prepare while we wait for the latest on the storm:
Rely on a battery-operated radio for your news. It is the only way you can keep informed if the power goes off for any reason.
Put your shutters up.
Pick up anything outside your house that a heavy gust of wind can move. Store these things inside.
Prepare a place in your home to house your outdoor pets in case the winds and rains pick up.
Make sure you have everything in your family’s emergency kit. Look around your house first for these items. Take a quick trip to the store for the remainder of the items. The list of everything you need for this kit is below in the flier.
Drive safely. Not only are the roads slippery, but other drivers are on the road for the same reason you are.
Gas your car.
Please call Joint Information Coordinator Troy Torres at 478-0208 for more information.
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