4.29.13 Another $20M in Tax Refunds by Wednesday
“Wherever I go in our community, people tell me what they’re going through and how much their tax refund can help them. It’s our policy to pay these out quickly because it’s the right thing to do.” — Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
“In all my years here at (the Department of) Revenue and Taxation, I have never seen a stronger commitment to the payment of the people’s tax refunds than from the commitment of Governor Calvo and Lt. Governor Tenorio.” — Dept. of Revenue and Taxation director John Camacho
$20M in Tax Refunds Will Be Mailed Wednesday                                                      
The Governor ordered the release of another $20 million in tax refunds. The Department of Revenue and Taxation will print the checks tonight, and the Department of Administration will process the checks and mail them Wednesday.
Nearly 7,000 Status-A Refunds Will Cover Filings through Feb. 22                         
This payment will cover all Status-A refunds filed through February 22, 2013. In all, 6,949 checks will be released.
Over $70.5M in Refunds Paid Since FY13 Began                                                        
The administration has released over $50.3 million in tax refunds since the fiscal year started in October 2012. This latest distribution will bring the amount to over $70.5 million since October 2012.

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