“This Friday, $6 million in refund checks will be mailed out.  This will help our struggling families for sure.  And again — I want to let every person on Guam know this administration will do everything we can to give you the money that you deserve: your tax refunds.” — Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
Tax refunds to be mailed Friday
Governor Eddie Baza Calvo has ordered the release of $6 million in tax refunds.  Requests from constituents came into the Governor’s office through facebook messages, news forums, phone calls, and at the 1st Annual Families Fair.  Checks will be mailed out this Friday.  Currently, the Department of Revenue and Taxation is working to identify important information to inform the public:

  • How many taxpayers are affected by this release and;
  • What filing date this release of refunds will cover

Information will be released as it becomes available.

End of Release

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