January 20, 2012
Another ambulance will be added to the Guam Fire Department’s fleet as early as next week to serve the community. When the administration first took office, there were only two operating ambulances. With this this latest addition, there will be eight operational ambulances, which hasn’t occurred in over four years.
“Emergency medical care is a top priority. We will continue this progress and make sure our island residents receive proper and timely emergency medical care,” Governor Calvo stated.
This was one of the two ambulances at the General Services Agency, the second ambulance is pending approval of funding. This ambulance transfer was finally made possible after the Calvo-Tenorio administration paid prior debts from 2010 to the Federal General Services Administration. The ambulance is a Ford F350 Chassis Type 1 with only 51,000 miles. GFD bought the ambulance for $11,000. Fair market value for this vehicle is $17,000.
“Governor Calvo and I have been committed to improving the emergency medical response for our island,” Lieutenant Governor Tenorio stated. “We would like to thank all the hard working staff at GSA and GFD for diligently working to make this transfer possible.”
The photo cutline follows:  Governor Eddie Baza Calvo and Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio take a look at an ambulance acquired by the Guam Fire Department today.  The new addition increases the fleet of ambulances to eight – the highest number of operational ambulances on Guam’s roads in four years.
Chief Joey San Nicolas inspected the recently purchased ambulance from the Federal GSA for the Guam Fire Department.
For more information, please call Raymond D. Gibson at 475-9380.

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