Executive Order begins process to bring holiday pay to industry standard
September 21, 2012
Frustrated with the inaction and political games from the Democrat leadership of the Legislature, Governor Calvo today signed Executive Order No. 2012-014, which cuts holiday pay to industry standard. Currently, employees are given double time for work done on government holidays. The order cuts this entitlement to time and a half, saving the government more than $4 million every year.
It’s clear from the rhetoric and inaction from the Speaker, Vice Speaker, Majority Leader, and Budget Chairman that this legislative leadership is focused on keeping their paychecks rather than paying the people their tax refunds,” Governor Calvo said. “I will exercise whatever options I have available to me that will cut spending and pay refunds without the need of the lawmaking body. I won’t jeopardize Guamanians’ rightful money just because Democrats want to play political games.”
The executive order changes the Department of Administration’s Personnel Rules and Regulations dealing with holiday pay. The amendment will go into effect after all notices and hearings have been effectuated through the Administrative Adjudication Law.

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