Master plan to identify needs for other new schools, complete renovations to existing campuses
July 12, 2012
Governor Calvo directed GEDA to move forward with the expansion of Okkodo High School.
“Schools up north are just too crowded,” Governor Calvo said. “This is the first part of what will be a long-term effort to renovate existing schools and build new ones.”
The financing of this expansion was authorized by several public laws, codified together in Chapter 58B of 5 GCA. This allows the Department of Education to enter into a long-term lease-back agreement with the Guam Educational Facilities Foundation and Iron Bridge Development International II, LLC. It will cost $21,818,000, which will be allocated from the Qualified School Construction Bond through this leaseback arrangement.
GEDA today requested the Superintendent of Education to secure the Board of Education’s support of the project and intent to hold the lease and fund the lease payments through the annual appropriation. Once this is done through board resolution, GEDA will work with the developer to secure the financing within 90 days.
GEDA’s bond counsel prepared a draft resolution for the board of education to consider.
“I’m asking the board to convene quickly to consider this so we can get this project started,” Governor Calvo said. “Mayor Savares and several of the northern principals have been expressing their concerns about crowding in the schools. I want this done quickly.”
As for renovations to the island’s public schools and the building of new schools, the Governor is grateful to Senators Judi Guthertz, Aline Yamashita, and Rory Respicio for their authorship of Public Law 31-229. This law provided the Governor with the authority to secure financing for renovations. It also appropriated $1 million for an education master plan, which would include an updated capital improvement plan.
“This plan is really critical moving forward because no one really knows with certainty what the capital needs are for DOE,” Sen. Yamashita said. “It’s very obvious that we need more schools up north, but unfortunately, no one’s put that plan together yet. If we’re going to finance renovations and building of new schools, then we really need that master plan in place.”
GEDA is working on technical amendments to make the financing component of Public Law 31-229 viable; however, the Governor’s Office is working to move forward with the master plan component in the meantime.
Please call Natalie Quinata at 475-9213 or 488-6013 for more information.

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