Governor Calvo believes Henry Taitano is the most suited candidate for GEDA administrator, and will continue to push for his confirmation. The Governor released the following statement on this matter:

“Henry, along with others on the fiscal team, was one of the architects of the financial strategy to pay tax refunds, COLA, and other obligations. He brought forward many of the economic solutions GEDA now has, including the multi-million dollar SSBCI loan program for small businesses, and the CEDS project. He has been my chief economic advisor, pushing the economic development and process improvement agenda. It makes no sense to us why the legislature would reject his nomination, especially since this young leader with so much promise has already contributed so much to the forward direction of our island. He is the best man for the job and I fully intend to push for the reconsideration of his vote, or simply to re-nominate him.”
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